Manny Wilke

CREATING TWO EARS & MAKING THEM HEAR!  Manny Wilke is a 6 year old little boy who was born with no ears and closed ear canals, along with 7 other birth defects. Because of his ear birth defects, Manny cannot hear on his own. Because of such overwhelming generosity and support from the community, friends and strangers, Manny had an opportunity to reduce the number of total surgeries in California with top ear specialists who do a special "Combined Surgery." 
Manny has now undergone 7 ear surgeries in California within 2  years, with the first one on 4/25/11 and the 7th one on 4/3/13. Manny now has 2 Big Boy Ears! TWO COOL! Manny's anatomy and healing have been complex and untypical so we are so thrilled to be with top ear surgeons who specialize in this birth defect as he has been their most challenging case.  This journey has been more of a marathon than a sprint, so we've put on our running shoes and make the best of it!
Check out Manny's First Big Ear reveal video created by Uncle Derek - definitely worthwhile!! "More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones." -- Mother Teresa

Manny Updates

  • Florida Caregiver, Neenah Basketball Team We got to go on our first non-surgery trip in 3 years to Florida this past month - a real vacation. We went to the beach and actually got to ...
    Posted Dec 10, 2013, 9:03 AM by Manny Wilke
  • First Grade Show and Tell, Surprise! Manny is transitioning into 1st Grade very well. He loves his teacher and is happy about his continuous Speech and Hearing therapies. Manny gets pulled out of class a few ...
    Posted Oct 4, 2013, 2:54 PM by Manny Wilke
  • My stars have aligned... In all my spare time (lol) of juggling 3 kids (make that 4 - Nate), working full time with my hotel management company, and coordinating continual California ear surgeries ~ although I ...
    Posted Aug 5, 2013, 12:40 PM by Manny Wilke
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