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Where does Jesus live? Post Op, Nanny to the rescue

posted Jan 25, 2012, 7:40 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jan 25, 2012, 9:35 AM ]
On Monday we said our goodbyes to Uncle Derek and headed back to LAX to catch a flight back up to Palo Alto. After we got above the clouds I said "Manny, let's look for Nanny and Great Grandma Williams....they are angels and they live up near heaven. Do you see Jesus anywhere?" Manny replies, "Mommy, you silly, Jesus doesn't live in the clouds, he lives in my heart."
Tuesday morning bright and early we went to our Post-Op appointment. The Dr had to take off Manny's sticky tape behind his ear and Manny cried :( I hate those parts, but crazy enough, Manny hardly ever cries at appointments. We were able to finalize the next surgery date for April 4th with pre-op and post-op appointments so I can start booking everything, again. Yikes. We headed right from the Post-Op to the airport to fly home.
Flying into Dallas was pretty turbulant - it was raining. We had to run to catch our next flight, which also meant taking a tram half way around Disney World. We of course got there as they were boarding yet sat on the runway for an hour. It was still raining...I hate flying in the rain, and now I hate it even more. After we left Dallas, the turbulance was terrible. Manny couldn't even find his mouth when trying to eat a muffin. And then BOOM with white light and the plane shifts left. Then BOOM and a white light and the plane shifts right. The cabin lights flicker. The plane is bouncing. People are holding eachother. Manny and I begin to sing his pre-school bible songs and I have him clutched in my arms. Tears are rolling down my face. Manny says, "Is the storm being naughty?" "Yes, Manny it is. But as long as we're together we're fine." All I could think about is continually promising Abe I would come back. Every day I talked to him I would tell him how many days it would be until I saw him. I had emailed Eli at school telling him I'd see him tonight. Manny and I have spent 50 days in the past living in California over the past 8 months and this was how it was going to end - really? On a plane coming home from surgery?
We then hear the flight attendant say, "As you may know, we got hit by lightening not only once, but twice. We are diverting to Little Rock, Arkansas to land. They need to check out the airplane. We'll let you know how the company wants to proceed." Silence.
We landed. Manny sings one final bible song.. and then busts into "I'm Sexy And I Know It" - how he knows these words to that song I do not know. But, it was a great tension relief for me and to others. I called Nate. He, Eli and Abe were almost to the Madison airport and I told him to turn around and go home since I was in Arkansas and didn't know if we'd even be coming home that night. I was not going back on that same plane - I'd drive 10 hours. When we got off, we were not allowed to go anywhere as the airport was CLOSED at 8:30pm. No food, nothing. Seriously, what airport closes at 8:30pm on a Tuesday night? Nate called me back saying Eli was sobbing. I got on the phone with him and never before heard him sob like this..."I want my mommy, I want my mommy, I want my mommy."
They announced that they had another plane for us and while I stood in line, I saw the back of Nanny. An elderly woman on our flight looked identical to nanny from the back - in a wheelchair, red hair, yellow shirt. At that point I knew that we'd make it home....Nanny would make sure of it.  Plus, I had the prayers of many people through facebook wishing us to travel home safely. To end the drama we did get home safely at 1am, several hours later.  On a positive note, I did get the hug my life from Eli at the airport. I got a 20 minute hug from Abe this morning with no words. I got to watch my children embrace each other and say I love you. I came home to a clean house with Welcome signs and a frig full of food (thank you Yvonne, Mom, Sue, Effie, and the 4th grade Positively Hoops team especially Staci, Dean & Debbie).
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