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Updated pics, :( and :), BDHS Charity Knits/StuCo/NHS

posted Jun 1, 2011, 7:27 AM by Manny Wilke
Here are some pics I sent to Dr Lewin on Friday. Her comments back were "I am extremely happy with his progress. All that hard work on cleaning and dressing changes paid off!" (There is vaseline in his canal).
We will continue to put steriods on at night to help with the "split graft", and I'm also applying SuperFan Judy's Neem/Argon/Primrose lotions oil concotions during the day. The combo seems to be working. But, today out of nowhere the ear canal was pretty small so I put in the steriod ear plug and sent him off to daycare. I will be doing that again at night. Everyday is a new nursing schedule and plan. The top of his dresser is completely covered in supplies, bandages, lotions, Rx, etc. Walgreens is my new BFF. Tomorrow we see Dr Yaish again in BD for some additional packing removal.
Manny saw a picture of himself up in Nate's office and told him to take it down. He did not want a picture up with his small ear. That makes me sad :( that he doesn't like a photo of himself from before and I guess happy :) that he likes his big ear so much.
BDHS Teacher Ms. Ketchem raised a huge $840.04 through several student entities - Charity Knits (they knit Manny bunnies and sold around Easter), Student Council, and National Honor Society. Thank you so much!!
Thank you so much for your donations: BDHS -Charity Knits, Student Council, NHS; Magdalene Acker, The Antonio Family, W/B Karst,