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7 hours, Indy, funfilled day, book title, next time

posted Jan 20, 2012, 9:25 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jan 20, 2012, 10:09 PM ]
The boys spent their last morning together playing and driving us nuts. They got up early and were hyper - the same thing happened last surgery. I think they can sense "transition" in the air and it automatically makes them go haywire. We got to the airport, returned the rental car, rented a new rental, and then we dropped Eli and Nate off at their terminal to fly back to Milwaukee. Saying goodbye is never fun even though it will be less than a week until we are home. Manny and I then headed out on our 7 hour adventure through the canyons, windy/winding roads to no-man's land. In the first 20 minutes I had to take like 8 exits and new roads so I was thankful that Manny took a nap - and slept over 2 hours. I don't think he has napped in years - but I think the physical/emotional toll caught up on him - that, or God was doing me a huge favor. That was nice as I could concentrate 100% on driving and I needed to - California is not a place you can drive 55 in the right lane. You need to drive like you are an Indy racecar driver - fast and accurate - because everyone else does and you literally have no choice. I literally had to wipe the steering wheel off several times as my palms were sweating so much from gripping the wheel so tightly. You also have to talk handsfree - so I had these big ole ear phones on trying to chat with peeps (thank you Bev, Melis, Angie-and oops, Mom/Abe and a work call for occupying some driving time). At the same time Nate/Eli arrived in Milwaukee, we arrived at LAX to return the new rental car and meet Uncle D. We went about 15 degrees warmer and Nate went about 65 degrees cooler. I definitely got the good end of that deal.
Nate thought I was totally crazy for driving 7 hours, he thought I should just stay in Palo Alto but I knew that being there for 5 days with really not much to do, in a hotel, would make both Manny and me both crazy and homesick. Driving took up one entire day! Today, I got to take a run on the beach by myself (Uncle D babysat), take Manny to music class, eat lunch at the beach, play in the sand, bigwheel on The Strand, go to Hip Hop class, purchase real groceries, do laundry, watch Puss N Boots movie and eat popcorn on the couch, make spaghetti dinner and open a bottle of wine - while being able to hang out with Uncle D and his new puppy....all on top of the 9 hours of sleep I got last night from being back in the comforts of "our room". Yeah, it was worth it.
Manny is doing well but there is some blood draining out from his ear which is somewhat concerning, but we are seeing Dr Lewin on Sunday so I am hoping she can give some insight or tell me it's ok. The post care is a continual worry - don't jump, don't run, be careful, no straws, no water, etc - I always have to be watching him. While the 7 hour trip was long but worthwhile, I'm definitely not driving 7 hours back to Palo Alto for them to check on it. We were allowed to fly back up there on Monday (the ear drum should be healed enough to fly) for our early post-op Tuesday. And then, hopefully, home.
It's been an exhausting week but I think were on the upswing. I just have to keep the journey and surgeries moving fast and forward before it really catches up on me. Grandma Bev said that I should write a book called "Manny's Big Adventure"...but I think a more fitting title would be "Why I became an alcoholic".
Thanks to Redondo Beach mail from Pastor & Sherry Mau and GJ/Abe and for Mommy prizes from Aunt Ashley (who is not here but back in WI because her brother passed away this week:( we miss you!. Thanks to Niki Vessey for taking  Eli today for a Teddy playdate and some normalcy away from it all, thanks to my mom for doing endless house projects and watching Abe, Grandma Sue for dropping off dinner for the boys, and for Abers being a big boy while he got his stitches out today. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. But, I'm sure with you, Abers, there will be a next time sooner than later. xoxo Mommy