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LAX, Appt, LAX, SFO, Appt, SFO, LAX, Appt, LAX, MKE, BD!

posted Aug 15, 2011, 8:55 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 15, 2011, 9:18 PM ]
Well, we dropped off the boys at LAX today and said our what seems like, continual farewells. They are never a fun moment nor fun day. Even though I hope to see them in two days, I guess we just never know - it depends on doctor appts, traveling, etc. We had a great weekend and got to do many fun things - aquarium, beach, and Dodger game (Uncle D hooked us up with tickets and the boys got to run on the field and score autographs from catcher Navarro and RF Athier before the game started- btw, Navarro then hit a bomb - just sayin'...).  Of course, Nate was listening to the Brewer game during the Dodger game. Last night we watched the movie, Soul Surfer. While perhaps a little cheesy, I really liked it - especially the extra parts at the end of the dvd. I could definitely relate to the movie - having a child with a physical deformity and trying to overcome it all. Two weeks prior to the shark attack, she was praying for God to show her a sign, to give her a purpose, so in the end she was thankful to lose her arm. I was definitely not asking for a sign, nor a purpose, when Manny was born but everything became so clear afterwards and I am thankful for everything that has happened as well. 
After we dropped them off at LAX, Manny and I went to a post-op appt with Dr Lewin in Beverly Hills.  They had to squeeze us in between surgeries and appts, so it made for a long day - we left the house at 9am and got back at 4pm. We got to see his ear for the 2nd time - and his ear really looks great!! I looks so much better than the other one did at this time. There are NO areas of concern. Even the problem area above the ear looks better. It is so crazy to look at him with two ears - he looks so old.
Tomorrow we take an early flight from LAX to San fran SFO to go to a post op appt with Dr Roberson. We then cab back to SFO after the appt, go back to LAX, and go back to Dr Lewins house for a final 'wrap job' tomorrow night. Assuming all goes well, we fly LAX to MKE on Wednesday and drive to BD!!!
Well, here's to being big fancy jet-setters tomorrow and for good appts!

See Photos 8-1-11 for updated pictures.