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Big Ear Reveal #2!

posted Aug 9, 2011, 10:02 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 9, 2011, 10:41 AM ]
Saturday we got to help Aunt Ashley wash her car - Manny was an excellent scrubber. Manny also attended Music Rhapsody music class (we did it last time too) which he really enjoys. On Sunday, we went for breakfast and ended up at a free Hip Hop dance class. Manny and I giggled the entire time, but now we have a sweet routine to a popular dance song - we even performed it for Eli and Nate through Skype. We also got to do some bigwheeling and went to the beach for a little bit too (it was cold!).
Yesterday (Monday), we had our first post op appointment with Dr. Lewin and we got to see Manny's 2nd big ear!
There were lots of yucky bloody bandages that needed to be removed, ear cups to be cut from stitches, etc, but he was such a good, brave boy! He really likes his 2 big ears and if he didn't, it would be really hard to see him go through all of this. There is a big purple lesion that looks like a burn mark, above his ear and above his earcup. Apparently, the skin by the ear is very sensitive and weak post surgery (they use the skin under scalp it to create the living "earflap" blood vessels over the implant) and just with bilateral microtia kids in general (their bones are soft, misaligned) - and his hearing aid band may have caused this since surgery. Great. Dr Lewin thinks that the skin/hair follicles may be permanently damaged and that too may need to be addressed at a later date. But, besides some swelling - his ear looks much more pink this time than last surgery, and it looks really great.
Afterwards, we celebrated with lunch and play at the Treehouse (nextdoor) - we walked in the door and the owner says, "Hey, Manny!" - are you totally kidding me? That was impressive. It had been 3.5 months since we'd been there...
Sleep has been an issue - we get sleep about every other day. He cannot seem to get comfortable in the night, and apparently the position he likes best is laying across my stomach, I think that it somehow takes pressure off his head. I came down with a terrible headache last night, I guess it was probably a migraine but I went to the $20 massage place and it took the edge off. I had skyped Abe for the first time early in the morning and needless to say, it didn't go well. Conversations on the phone are always great, but during Skype, he just looked at me, stared, with a little bit of a frown and rubbed his eyes over and over. It was really heartbreaking. So, that, along with a stressful drive to Beverly Hills (I borrowed Uncle D's car), the stress of the ear reveal, drive home, etc) and lack of sleep - it had been coming. The good news is that in 2 days the boys come out here through Monday, then we have another appt on Monday, and Tuesday we fly up to Palo Alto for the day (final post op with Dr Roberson) and hopefully home on Wednesday. So, starting Thursday - it will be fun and busy for the remainder of our stay!
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