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Off to Beverly Hills

posted Apr 29, 2011, 10:40 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 29, 2011, 11:23 PM ]
Today I contacted the doc about Manny's nightly ear pain. She was very concerned that he is "knocking" on his ear cup and pushing on it, sleeping on it. Apparently, he shouldn't be doing any of these. There is only one blood vessel feeding the entire outer ear, and if damaged, it could harm both the outer and inner ear. She wanted us to come in right away and suggested that Manny take the codeine at night - but to try it in the day first. So, I attempted to give him 1/2 dose, but he spit out most of it. (Luckily, Uncle D was able to drive us to Beverly Hills, where the clinic is located.) While this was not life or death, I've had one too many "hurry up and get here" doctor appointments. I think the 1 ml of codeine kicked in and like me and Nate - it made him sick. Poor Manny was dry heaving all the way to Beverly Hills, in Uncle D's nice car which has never probably experienced kid puke. In my mini you can always find stale McD's nuggets, empty bottles for quick boys' pit stops, and barf bags.
Despite note feeling well and typically freaking out in doctor clinics lately - Manny did AWESOME. I was so nervous he wouldn't sit still. Perhaps it was the small trace of codeine, or the 50" loud flatscreen playing Shrek 3' away from the patient chair, combined with the ease of Dr Lewin (dressed in normal clothes - not a white coat). He miraculously sat perfectly still for stitch removal, ear cup removal, tape removal. She said the ear looked good (yeah!!) and that his pain may have been because the cup was falling a little bit and could have been pulling on his ear. When you are bilateral (both ears affected by microtia), it is difficult for the ear cup to stay up - so they stitch it to the scalp. Anyhoo - the ear is big, purple and swollen. There are two areas that the skin graft hasn't quite taken well, but she is not concerned yet - surgery was only Monday. But, please pray it all heals well because - endless reasons. No more surgery for Manny and no more pushing back the date to come home. I'm terribly missing my boys tonight.
On a positive note, Uncle D took a video of the ear cup coming off and of Manny looking at his ear for the first time. It is exactly how I always imagined it would be. He stared into the mirror and despite not feeling well, gave a huge smile. Dr Lewin even let him touch it, barely. He kept trying to turn his head to the right to try to see it! But obviously, when he turned his head, his ear turned too! He couldn't figure that part out. He then called daddy and kept saying over and over "I HAVE A BIG EAR! DADDY, I HAVE A BIG EAR!!" - We'll upload the video.
I have updated pics from today's appt. Warning - they are graphic of the ears. The cup doesn't usually get removed for another 5 days - so this is really fresh stuff. See Manny Photos-Surgery.
Thanks to Ladies of Good Shepherd/Sherri Mau and Nurse Judy for the Manny goodies in today's mail!