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United Methodist Women

posted Jun 15, 2011, 11:34 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jun 16, 2011, 7:35 AM ]
We just received this letter from UMC in Madison. There really aren't enough words to show our gratitude so I thought I'd let you read for yourselves:
"Dear Nate & Tiffany
It is in hope and prayer that the United Methodist Women of Divine Savior UMC  send this check to help you with your expenses in giving Manny the joy of ears and hearing. A few years ago we were recipients of a gift of money and charged to use it in God's service to make a difference in the lives of people most in need. Over the years we have reached out to many people with needs similar to your own and have been able to help. It has been an awesome journey.
A few months ago I was on a trip to Waupun and happened to pick up a magazine called, "Inspire". In it was a story of a charming little boy who needed "big ears". I read more of your story on the internet and brought it to the women of our church. It was our decision to close out our fund with a gift to you to help in your journey to provide hearing for your son, Manny. Enclosed is our check in the amount of $6000.
Know that as you continue your journey, you are held close in our hearts and in our prayers. God Bless - Shirley Behm."
Despite the initial insurance denials, after going through the extensive appeals and grievance process, we received a check yesterday for partial payment. This blessing will help go towards Manny's additional surgeries and ongoing medical and other expenses. What a relief it is to now be able to focus more on Manny's recovery, my other children, the upcoming surgeries, and eventually finishing the journey...that is if his medical journey ever ends :)
It is overwhelming to think about all of the love and support we have received, and of all of the unsolicited donations. Because of the generosity from friends, family, the community and strangers, we were able to start his surgical journey to ears and hearing, and proceed ahead with the Combined Surgery with top ear specialists, eliminating multiple surgeries for Manny while reducing surgical risks and complications.
Thank you so much for your support: Godparents J/C Skilton, D/J/J/P Edwards, G/S Corcoran, T/C Lied, and Montera Espinosa for her bake sale in Palo Alto, CA.