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Trenton Tigers, HSB, Friday: TMHTM t-shirt day/Benefit day!

posted Mar 31, 2011, 8:11 AM by Manny Wilke
At our 3rd grade Positivey Hoops dinner (donated from the silent auction) on Tuesday night, a couple of the basketball kids (Mo and Bro) presented a check from Trenton Elementary. Apparently, they did a coin collection on Manny's behalf, sending out a letter to all students "Manny is the son of Nate & Tiffany Wilke. Mr. Wilke is a counselor at BDHS. He is also our coach for baseball and basketball and that is how we met our friend Manny. Manny is 4 years old. He is really funny, friendly, and super cool...." They raised $92.60!!! Then, Eli went (without me asking) and wrote a thank you note to the Trenton Tigers (requesting that they write him back at Washington Elementary!) and also went into his wallet and put all of his $8 in an envelope for Manny from him. Way to go big brother!! <tears> But, you see how good things are passed along to others.....And, speaking of the dinner at the Firchows, it was so fun! Crazy how I spent every weekend with these parents watching Eli play baseball, but I hardly got to talk to anyone since I am typically chasing the little two. It was fun to watch the parents mingle, along with the kids, and how this journey continues to bring people together. Thank you to Staci Panich and the Firchows for the wonderful night!
I received a very sweet email last night from Nikki at Horicon State Bank - I had no idea that the employees purchased and wear the TMHTM t-shirts once a week "to spread the word about upcoming fundraisers and to make everyone aware about Manny and how they can donate." Then she said "I don’t know you or your family personally but my kids go to Prairie View and the first day I came home with my shirt they asked what it was for and what it meant,  I went online and showed them some pics and right away they recognized Manny and said he goes to our school! Both of them wanted shirts for themselves, so I was quick to get in contact with Jane and get them some and a few more for friends!" and now she wants to look into doing a pencil fundraiser at Prairie View Elementary! So cool.
FRIDAY: Please wear your TMHTM t-shirt to the benefit at Good Shepherd (5-8pm). Thank you to everyone who came to the 2/19 BDCC event...I realize so many people came to this event, have already donated items/money, are sick of us - ha ha ha - etc...but please still bring your kids and come for a fun event and "free" meal...!!  :)