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Swimming, Rotary, Trailer

posted Jul 18, 2011, 1:55 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 21, 2011, 12:28 PM ]
I've HAD IT. What are we supposed to do when it's 115% heat index out and your child isn't allowed to swim? You tell him to go put his swim trunks on and then receive the biggest smile and hug in return. We filled up Coco's kiddie pool with 3" of water and put in a plastic slide, plugged Manny's ear with an earplug and covered it with a granny shower cap and let Manny go down the slide into the pool. Abe cruised down like a rocket ship but Manny had to go easily and hold my hand each time so as to not splash much. He didn't care, he was thrilled to be wearing a swimsuit for the first time all summer and go "swimming". He also enjoyed  being captain of the hose sprayer - they learn quickly - I can spray you, but you can't spray me. Happy boys, happy mom. Just dont tell the doc.
The Beaver Dam Rotary is asking that someone work on behalf of Manny for one, 4 hour shift during the Dodge County Fair on August 17-21. They so kindly donated money for his surgeries a few months ago and they like when the people they give to can come help work their food booth. We are hoping to come home from Cali sometime during the fair dates, but it is unknown at this time and the last thing I can think about right now is flipping burgers at the fair :)  Is there anyone who is interested in working on behalf of Manny?! You could wear your TMHTM shirt....or not, ha! If so, please contact Kay Stellpflug

The Walmart Semi-Trailer with Manny's mug shot is up and running somewhere on the East Coast. You can see him holding up his "4" years old fingers! HONK!