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Surgery underway 7:40am (Cali time)

posted Aug 1, 2011, 8:31 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 9, 2011, 7:15 AM ]
We got to the Waverly Surgical Center at 6:30am. Manny was tired and really wanted to get dressed (we carried him in his pjs. We did request that the "happy juice" get served in the lobby this time. Last surgery, he freaked out a little when we got to the white sterile environment with doctors and nurses in scrubs milling around. Being poked and prodded since birth, these environments get him anxious. So, he drank the happy juice in a side room but didnt want to swallow because it tasted bad. Nate paid him off with a $5 bill and he swallowed :) He has been busy doing chores all summer for 25 cents, so this was a huge treat.
We talked with Dr Lewin prior to surgery. She was of course wearing her TMHTM shirt :) We were able to also talk with Dr Roberson this morning briefly about his hearing test. He says that they can vary depending on the day and the amount of fluid in the ear at any given time. He was not at alll concerned and said he would peek inside his Right Ear. So, that is a relief.
Eli was quiet this morning, not feeling so good.I think the situation was a little overwhelming for him but we are very glad he has been part of this surgical trip. He was crying and it was a good family moment for all of us. We said "see ya later" to Manny and his dinosaur with lots of love and hugs and Eli was picked up for a day long playdate - thanks Marina/Espinosas!
We met a nice family, the Fogelmans, in the lobby this morning. Their son, Kaden, had the same procedure done awhile back and were here for another issue. The mom saw me sitting in the waiting room, emotional, and just came and gave me a big hug and we've been chatting ever since (hence my late blog, sorry!) with her and her husband. It's so great to be able to share exact stories and frustrations and emotions with someone going through exactly the same thing  because our group is few and far between.
At 8:40am, Dr Lewin came out - Manny is prepped and ready to go and she will begin in another 15 minutes. It will be a few hours until she reports back again.
I need some caffeine.