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Surgery month, I go with you, skating stud, Good news, Why do you love me?

posted Mar 2, 2012, 8:19 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Mar 2, 2012, 8:20 AM ]
March is here! Surgery month is here! Already. Yesterday, we turned the calendar over to March and I asked Abe and Manny "Who is going to California this month"? They both raise their hands and Abe goes, "I go on airplane. Mommy don't leave me. I go with you"  I'm so excited to take Abe and Grammy J out with us this time...I promised Abe I wouldn't leave him again, it will also help solve the jostling of his whereabouts for 12 days.
Last week there wasn't school on Friday so we took the boys ice skating with my nephew, Jarrett. It was all of their first times, even Nate's. While Jarrett is a hockey player and pro, the Wilkes were new to ice. I have never laughed so hard but to see these Wilke athletes struggle on skates. Eli was clinging for dear life on the wall. Nate was stuttering around, but did ok. Abe was walking on glass. But Manny, Mr. somewhat unathletic, was FLYING around, wiping out, getting up, wiping out, and refusing any help. He absolutely loved it. When we walked out I said, Manny, you were awesome, what happened? He said, "Mom, I prayed to God and asked him for a miracle for me to skate, and he answered my prayer. Can we go again tomorrow?"
I feel like I've had lots of good news lately. 1) We had Manny's pre-school conferences and he scored all "S" which means met expectation, including verbal skills. It brought tears to my eyes because we have never sat in an IEP or conference in the last 5 years which he "met expectations". Granted, it wasn't his hearing or speech conference, but our wonderful pre-school teacher said that he is "fully ready for Kindergarten, he could go tomorrow." And yes, that is in quotes, because I'm quite sure I'll never forget those words. Most people may not think twice about those words, but it's been a long road and there were many days I wasn't quite sure if we'd ever get there. 2) As we were driving to meet friends at Pizza Ranch, Manny and Abe were listening to a movie in the car. "Mom, it's too windy, Mom I can't hear it"....with his hearing aid, Manny has a hard time hearing in the car because all you hear is the engine ROARING and loud. I've tried on his hearing aid and it's so annoying. So, I told him to take off his hearing aid, I turned up the volume on the video player a little, and he looks at me with bright big eyes "I CAN HEAR IT, I CAN HEAR IT, THERE IS NO WIND"... 3) Yesterday I opened the mail and received my pre-approval letter from insurance for the next surgery. Woo-hoo!
Before bed last night I asked Manny, why do you love me? (It's a little game I play with my kids...we do it back and forth). We haven't played it in months. Anyways, his answer.... "Because you take me to California" xoxo