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Strength vs results, "Vacation", Sleep, Radio prayers

posted Aug 16, 2012, 10:23 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 16, 2012, 10:54 AM ]
My friend, Kim, posted a quote to facebook the other day and I thought it was rather fitting for this entire surgical journey. "Too often we pray for what we want to happen, when in reality we should pray for the strength to prepare us for what is going to happen."
Yesterday was not a good day. I'm not going to lie. The extreme lack of sleep combined with the medical rollercoaster (24 hours prior the ears looked perfect and now there is a crazy blistery rash and ears totally swollen) and continual stress. Having to "shadow" Manny throughout the night, continually adjusting his head position or bandages, and throughout the day so he doesn't run outside and biff his ears. Remembering to give him oral antibiotics 4x/day, Abe 2x/day, steroid ear drops 3x/day and steroid cream 3x/day. The catastrophizing (will we have to fly back to CA this week for more surgery? Will his ears heal to how they were just a day ago?) It's all really just enough to drive anyone crazy. So, when 2 different people saw me yesterday in the front yard and asked me how "vacation" was.....
With all that being said, I just resubmitted pics to Dr. Lewin and I do think the new steroid cream is working. He is in much better spirits, we both are, because we did get some sleep. But, now that I've gotten more than 3 hours, I almost feel sick.
I was so excited to show everyone his newer ears, so I really hope the swelling goes down and they look just as defined as they once did. After posting a picture of facebook, the first comment was from my friend, Tanya "LOOKS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT" and another was "ad-ear-able". It was so great, it felt so good to get all of the positive comments. Dr. Lewin says that she's never seen this type of rash, nor this type of swelling 1 week post op, and that it may take 3 months to go down. I went to put some ice on his ears but she told me that it is horrible for the ear flap. Oops. Good thing I only did it a few minutes. I don't really care how long it takes to go down, just as long as it does. Every surgery feels like a tease - it's perfect - he hears, the ears look great - then boom.
On a positive note,  Melissa with Ear Community and she told me some exciting news about the entity. More to come....!  In addition, when at Kohl's early this morning, a woman who works there asked how Manny's surgery went and I couldn't figure out how she knew about it - "I heard it on the pray for Manny Wilke's upcoming surgery in California."  Not sure how it got on the radio, but that made my day to know there were many, many people praying for him!