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Order for Here, Fun bike, Real toys, Dr Lewin playdate, Back to Palo Alto

posted Jan 23, 2012, 7:19 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jan 23, 2012, 7:25 AM ]
Saturday morning I woke up and it was pouring rain so instead of going for a run I decided to go to Starbucks (via Staci) and get something warm. As I ordered my 'chai tea with skim extra hot' I then proceeded to order a breakfast sandwhich, and as I looked around at people sitting there just relaxing, I decided to order it for here. I just sat there, by myself. I'm not sure the last time I ate a meal, by myself, sitting down just relaxing. The next time will probably be next surgery if we can make it back down here!
I've been trying to find "safe play" and exercise for Manny and that is why we go to music class, dance class and paint class (although we didn't get to paint class this time). We did try something new - rented a bike with a trailer behind it so he could pedal but I could make sure he didn't fall. We got to bike on The Strand (bike/ped path at the beach) and it was awesome, except it was really windy like some typhoon. He was very proud of himself for biking without training wheels - we wanted to teach him last summer but couldn't because of his new ears. That will be a goal this summer! 
We went to a Rocky's Pizzeria type place called Round Table with Uncle D, Manny's friend, Ava and her parents. Sadly, being at a pizzeria felt like being home! Manny got 275 tickets which he cashed in for a whoopie cushion, providing him hours of entertainment at Uncle Derek's. On Sunday we had another playdate with Ava and Manny got to play with toys, real toys! 
We also met up with Dr Lewin and her family at her house, on a Sunday afternoon. How lucky we are to have her in our life! She was able to clean up Manny's bloody ear and really look at the healing progress of the outer ears and we discussed surgical strategies and timing which was great to do in person versus pictures, email etc. Manny played with her kids, Kaci & Geoff, outside (it was not safe-play, but hey-we were at our surgeon's house!) and then we went out to eat with them for a really yummy dinner! While waiting for our food, the kids were playing Phone Apps, including Family Feud. The question was "What do men do in the morning to enhance their appearance" and right away 9 year old Geoff says "GET BOTOX"...can you tell his mom is a plastic surgeon?! Dr. Lewin and I both laughed really hard.
Today we fly back up to Palo Alto as we have an 8:30am post-op appt at Dr Roberson's office tomorrow. I hope to lock in the next surgery date at that time. We then fly H-O-M-E and get in late Tuesday night. I cannot wait to see Abe - it will have been 10 days, and of course Eli and Nate too. Abe has been crying for his mommy every night and not sleeping well lately. It's really time to go home, but I'd like to order some warmer weather for our arrival.