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So many acts of kindness...

posted Feb 7, 2011, 10:59 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Feb 7, 2011, 1:02 PM ]
Throughout this fundraising process there have been so many acts of kindness - I think in my next life I'll write a book. Unfortunately, I'm a little busy right now :) Here are some more that I haven't posted...
-We received a heartfelt note and generous donation from Manny's nurse when he was born 4 years ago at BDCH, who helped us so much through the chaos those first few days.
-We also received a very generous donation and personal letter from our car dealership, Reed Chrystler, who really takes care of us and are just really super trustworthy people!!!
-A manager of the UW Bookstore donated many items for the silent auction, then went online and personally donated herself and posted it to her facebook site
-People and businesses are contacting US about donating silent auction items, before we contact them! The amount of quality of silent auction items are unbelievable!
-Donations received from those we do not know, but have overheard conversations, visited Manny's website, or referred by a friend
-Handmade notes from other children to Manny
-People volunteering their time to plan the fundraiser and collect silent auction items, some of whom we hardly know
-A friend saw a sign on a truck that said "I buy Manny's" and contacted Hormel foods to see if they'd donate  (they wont, so we must all boycott their food...just kidding)
-The boy who won the Bo Ryan basketball at the BDHS basketball game told his mom that he'd chip in the final $10 from his own wallet
-A friend printing up t-shirts for her kids to wear around town, promoting the website
-Friends of friends of friends posting the Manny Wilke Benefit event to their facebook status
-A very generous donation and handwritten note from grandparents who understand the need because of their granddaughter's multiple surgeries and health challenges.
Thank you so much for your cash donations; D Lutzow, K Niesen, J/R Franzen, D/K Kopp, Reed Chrystler,
M/T/M/N/S/K Schmitt, G Rechek, D/J Wahl, B Loss/M Gehring, K Chijimatsu, Dr V Smith/Wyllow Pet, M/K Kuhn