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Sleep, Crazylegs West, Self-Portrait, Big Wheeling, 50/50

posted Apr 30, 2011, 10:35 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 2, 2011, 9:09 PM by Derek Hildebrandt ]
Manny had his best night of sleep yet last night probably because his ear cup stitches were no longer being pulled. Yeah!!!
This morning we participated in the Crazylegs West run - 3.5 mile run from Pier to Pier on the beach with other Wisconsin Badger fans. While I felt homesick last night, being around other Wi Badgers made me feel a part of home. Wisconsinites are just so friendly - seriously. My brother puts on all of these Badger and Big 10 events in the area, must be fun to be his friend :) Manny saw my race number and asked if I was going on American Idol - ah, no Manny, mommy can't sing. In fact some of Manny's first word combos were "mommy, no sing." My brother's buddy, Conrad, was nice enough to watch Manny while I ran. Since Manny was walking slowly to the starting line, we got there just in time so I had 2 seconds for instructions... "Conrad - don't lose his hearing aid. Oh, don't let him drink from a straw or the sippy cup (the suction is not good for his new ear canals), don't let him go by the water - can't get his head wet -ok bye!" The run on the beach was just what My doctor ordered. As I ran I thought of the entire journey, the emotional rollercoaster and realized that his rough start to life, the children's hearing aid bill, the neverending insurance battles - it all got me to the start line - and now it's time to finish the race. As I saw Manny playing near the finish line, my goal came back in focus.
Madison doctors say surgery does not need to take place until age 6, when children just start to become self-aware of any differences they may have. Manny opened up some fun new paper today and drew a self portrait without anyone helping or telling him what to do. If you have time - check out Manny Photos -Surgery to look at his drawing "MANNY HAS A BIG EAR". He is 4.5 years old and he is VERY SELF AWARE. (It is also important to open ear canals early for speech development).

Manny was able to have some kid time today, big wheeling with his new 3 year old friend, Ava. He looks like a stud riding away on his light pink big wheel with his freshly painted blue toe nails. Ava did agree to swap her blue big wheel for his pink one today, so he looked much more manly. It was great to see him having some fun with another child. Mom really isn't much fun after awhile.
Thank you to Laurie Sabel for orchestrating a 50/50 raffle at the Beaver Baseball games - apparently, she raised over $300 and many BD winners donated the money back to Manny! Incredible!