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Sickness, Waaa, YouTube Bucky, Political Bucky, Sharks

posted Aug 12, 2012, 10:52 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 12, 2012, 10:53 PM ]
It's been somewhat of a long two days and nights. Abe came down with some fever and really icky cough. Manny's ears have been hurting. So, we have been running back and forth between them during the middle of the night, popping tylenol, reshifting pillows, and giving steam showers. One time, in the middle of a pain fit of Manny's, the crying complaint started at "my ears hurt" - "I don't want my ear cups" waaa, waaa, to "but I want to marry you mommy...waaa, waaa, because I love you so much....waaa, waaaa.... but you are married to daddy...waaa waaa...tell daddy to sleep in my bed when we get home because I am moving in your room." Thank goodness for such wonderful doctors, both here and at home, that I can text in the middle of the night and early morning to figure out how to handle the situation. I realize how lucky we are to be able to communicate directly with them. It saved me a whole lot of everything ...  A huge thank you Dr. Lewin & Dr. Betsy! Dr. Lewin is actually up in Palo Alto meeting with microtia patients for the weekend and offered to fly home first thing in the morning if I was concerned. The tylenol seems to be helping so hopefully we can hold out until our scheduled post-op on Tuesday. Assuming all is well, we'll drive directly to the airport afterwards.
Despite sickness, we've rallied to do some fun things between rest periods and down time. On Saturday, my brother, step-brother, and peeps were filming some Badger video to promote my brother's friends' restaurant/bar here in Hermosa Beach (The Underground) as the place to watch Badger football games through the UW alumni association. So, the kids got to participate in the video, which will later be on youtube. Good thing we always pack Badger gear, Nate especially! They also filmed at the beach with blow up Bucky Badgers and all. We also had lunch at a Badger beach house, the Reznecheks - the couple's parents grew up with my Grandma Dolly. Anyways, it was great because they have lots of grandkids and toys. They have a Badger flag as well and some people walking by commented on all of the beach Badger flags and seriously thought it was some political statement because of Congressman Paul Ryan.
This morning I was able to sneak to go paddle boarding with Aunt Ashley. We got to paddle out by sea lions and venture out to sea. I was getting really nervous as we'd been paddling 20 minutes straight out to sea - I thought we'd be about 50 feet from shore. I am not a shark fan but Aunt Ashley tried to reassure me - "apparently paddle boarders have many positive shark experiences." shark experience is positive in my book. But, we had a great time! The only sharks I enjoy are in a tank, and we were able to see them tonight at the Long Beach Aquarium.