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Should have washed my hair... off to Cali

posted Apr 21, 2011, 8:31 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 21, 2011, 10:04 PM ]
On Tuesday afternoon, we were contacted by NBC 15 who really wanted to do a story about Manny's Journey to Hear that evening. The timing wasn't great since we were leaving for Cali in 2 days, but how do you turn it down? It is always great to share our story, make people more aware of children with differences. They also wanted to help promote the Madison 5/13 fundraiser. So, literally, after work I had 1 hour to feed the kiddos, put them in clean clothes, and pick up the house. I knew I should have washed my hair that  morning, but it was sleeting drizzle, so really what's the point. Manny put on a golf shirt, but wouldnt put on khaki pants - so he is in a "church shirt" with workout pants. Sweet. Nate came home from baseball practice and sat right down to get interviewed, BD Baseball t-shirt and all. So, I guess it will be a "real-life" depiction of the Wilke family. Especially if you can hear Abe screaming in the background - good call on getting babysitter Allie Chitko over to help. I think part of it will air online/tv next Friday 4/29 and then a more in-depth segment in May??
I would like to thank everyone who has called, emailed, texted, stopped by these last few days. It feels like either we just had a baby or someone just had a major birthday. Yesterday, my girlfriend Niki brought me lunch. We had Laurie's leftovers for dinner from the night before. We've received little goodies from daycare Peggy, teacher Mrs Steinberg, teacher Mary Kahler, friend Julie, Aunt Ally/Uncle Matt....the list goes on. We greatly appreciate so much support - especially the emotional support.
Well, today is it. I just dropped off Eli at school and Abe at daycare. You can only prepare for emotions so far - as with a death of Nate's 93 year old grandma last week - when the day actually comes you really aren't quite prepared. All I can say sucks. Mommy will not be home for 3 weeks, and I'm counting down the days until I see them in Cali :( 
Well, off to the airport. Now would be a good time to rob our house if you are interested. Jk. Relatives are staying there with my killer attack dog. Regardless, my valuables are my family. Their happiness and health is all that matters. 
Your continued prayers are much appreciated. Surgery is Monday 8am-6pm EST. Wear your TMHTM t-shirt if you are feeling the vibe!
Thank you so much for your donation: D Panich, S/S Russo