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SF Day, The Biebs, Bunt Coach, I NO, Infection, Adios

posted Apr 7, 2012, 8:08 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 10, 2012, 4:19 AM ]
On Thursday  we decided to venture to San Fran via train. We knew we were on a limited time schedule due to Manny just having surgery, along with a busy-bodied 2 year old. So, I did some homework and surprised the family for someone to pick us up and give us a quick SF tour after we enjoyed Pier 39 (I learned this trick from a woman on a plane a surgery or two ago...they all blend in together at this point). It worked out really well and I highly suggest it to anyone! So, thanks Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike V for the "fun money" to make this happen! The best part was when we got out of the "fancy car" to take a picture and there was a large group of french students. All we could hear was "C'est Qui? C'est Qui? Oooooh, Qui Justin Bieber, Qui Justin Bieber". I was like, huh? I then look at Eli and he's in a black fleece and his Rec Spec googles/glasses are tinted to dark sunglasses.....OMG they think Eli is Justin freakin Bieber. LOL. It definitely put a bounce in Eli's step. Then, as we leave he puts his JB hands in his famous heart shape...we were all dying of laughter.
Yesterday we were able to have another chill day followed by Luca's (godfamily) baseball practice (Nate even got to help teach bunting skills!) and yummy lasagna at their house. The kids were able to also dye Easter Eggs and participate in the making of "Smash Eggs" (confetti filled eggs). We have been so blessed to have these friends of ours take us in for each surgery and provide us some normalcy. Eli got to throw some balls around, Manny/Abe got to draw, and Nate got to chat baseball while my mom and I were able to enjoy Petrice's company and talk about the good ole days (our families grew up together). Manny even drew a picture of all the things he can't do because of surgery - it was pretty funny (I NO SWIM, I NO STRAW, I NO JUMP, I NO RUN, I NO SNEEZE, etc). He really understands what he can and cannot do, even though it often frustrates him.
Today, Manny woke up with his Right Ear infected and oozing, so we needed to get ahold of the doctor on call and get an Rx. Infections are never great with a medpor implant, let alone recent surgery on the other ear. While we waited for the Rx we had a quick Easter Egg hunt in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn since we had to then say Adios to Eli and Nate as they flew back home. It is always confusing for some kids to stay in CA, some to go, one parent to stay, one to go...and the days/hours leading up to the "goodbyes" are like a constant elephant in the room. While we definitely try to make the best of each surgery, the goodbyes become emotionally exhausting and you'd think it would get better with each surgery, but it really doesn't. It just goes to show you that fancy cars and celebrity status don't mean a thing! The good news is that the rest of us still hopefully fly home after a few days.
Thanks to all of you who have emailed me additional words of wisdom and continued strength!