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Seepage, Pitch Perfect, Playdate

posted Apr 4, 2013, 7:06 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 4, 2013, 7:24 AM ]
After a Netflix filled Power Rangers afternoon, I was able to shove him in that baby stroller after all. He is used to it though, surgery after surgery, but he just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He fell asleep so I was able to just enjoy the sunshine while walking around. When he woke up we got some ice cream and while eating I noticed blood coming out of his bandages. When I went to investigate, it looked like chunky blood clots by his ear with some dressings coming out of his ear. It was 4:45pm so I throw my ice cream in the trash (which for those of you who know me, it must have been bad for me to do this) and I start frantically walking back towards the hotel and start calling the doctors' office in the event we would need to get there by 5:00pm (yet we never would have made it...there is a thing called Rush Hour out here). These are the times that I really feel all alone out here.

The doctors office told me to put some gauze on it and apply pressure, but of course I'm in a hotel room so I grab toilet paper (which was apparently not a good idea). Eventually, it did stop, but I just really didn't need that curve ball after a first-time-ever relaxing post-surgery afternoon. Then again, I should have assumed it. I was able to take pictures with my phone and email it to the office, which is helpful when talking to them - technology is definitely in our favor these days. Dr. Goldsztein said it looked like it was seeping from behind the ear, not the canal. In order to remove the ear canal they actually had to lift up the medpor implant and go in from behind the ear. Hopefully, his ear will still project as beautifully as it did before, because that side has a bony defect and it was a huge challenge for Dr. Lewin a few surgeries ago. I'm sure it will be fine. 

With the hopes of not aggravating the bleeding issue, we just stayed at the hotel and ate their free light dinner (how great is that?). Then, I allowed Manny to watch Pitch Perfect (most of the parts anyways) and he LOVED the cups part and tried to reinact it. I video taped it on my phone but can't upload it - it's hilarious. Where is Uncle D when I need him? I'm sure it's PG 13 and totally inappropriate but I was exhausted from getting up at 4am so don't

Well, it's 6:50am and the Henkes just texted that they are here. I am babysitting their 17 month old girl while they take Brody to his first ear surgery today. I love being able to help someone out here for a change and it will be fun for MannyMan to have a playdate.