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Rotory, Walmart, Mohawk, Pencils, travel goodies

posted Mar 17, 2011, 5:57 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Mar 17, 2011, 6:19 PM ]
We met with the Rotarians yesterday to pick up our donation check. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We also took a pic with them for the paper right after school. Hopefully it turns out despite Eli wearing a dirty sweatshirt, Manny having blue/pink yogurt all over his face (he thought it would be more fun to eat it without a spoon!), and Abe with a fever. Never a dull moment with 3 boys!
Just as we arrived home from meeting with the Rotory, we received an email from friends of ours at Walmart Distribution. Apparently, they want to host a little party next week for The Man and let him get a ride in a Walmart semi with cake and subs! Can't wait!! With Nate starting baseball on Monday, our Walmart party will be our Spring Break!!!
Manny's speech-preschool-and bus riding-buddy's-dad stopped over to pick up a TMHTM t-shirt. He also brought a donation check from his co-worker who had seen Manny's website and wanted to give. Very cool!!!! The pic of William in his Manny t-shirt is under Photos-Friends & Family. I think it is the first person to wear the TMHTM t-shirt rockin a mohawk. Love it!
There will be a pencil sale at Washington Elementary the week after spring break (I think). Thanks to a very special anonymous donor for providing the TMHTM pencils :) Got them in the mail today!!! They will sell for $1.00 each :)
Thank you to SuperFan Judy for a box of California goodies: special Manny vitamins good for skin repair - perfect for post-op, vitamins and homemade soaps/lotions for mommy! Also, thank you to Cousin Jen for an airplane backpack filled with California to-do goodies for Manny and prizes for brothers Eli and Abe!!
Thank you so much for your donation: Beaver Dam Rotory, D/C Nelson, W/J Tobak, A Bauer, A Gile/Enge