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Rotary, Pre-Op, Changes

posted Jul 21, 2011, 12:29 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 21, 2011, 1:00 PM ]
Thanks, Laurie Marchese, for volunteering your efforts on behalf of MannyMan!!!!! Woo-hoo!
Manny had his pre-op yesterday and all of the staff - no kidding - had the TMHTM shirts on all day long for MannyMan. How great is that! Dr Betsy gave him the ok and some alternative pain med options as we had problems controlling his pain last time after surgery, that didn't make him sick. Abe also got to have his 2 year check up and 3 of us went to the dentist this week. We are stock piling our appts since I wont be back until summer is almost over!
Thinking of the 4/1 Good Shepherd benefit where Uncle Bruce was doing his Hetzler Magic show, Great Grandma Nanny was enjoying the festivities and Joe Murray was on continuous DQ Dilly Bar runs making sure we were in full supply. Since then, Nanny (and Great Grandma Williams) became angels, Joe had a stroke and is recovering in a nursing home, and Uncle Bruce just had a massive stroke on Sunday and is in a coma. Life sure can change in an instant.