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Random thoughts: 9:01, Sour Patch, NBC15, China

posted Apr 26, 2011, 10:31 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 26, 2011, 11:09 AM ]
Surprisingly, Manny and I slept pretty well last night - upright, in my arms, so he could rest his head comfortably. I was expecting a long night, and we didn't even use the Tylenol with codeine. On the home front, Eli had a long, emotional day, as expected (thank you Pat for helping). After school we were able to Skype him and Abers, along with Grammy J/Grandma Sue/Cousins Sam & Maty, while we were at the surgery center, but weren't able to talk to him before bed because of the time difference. At 9:00pm, Eli asked Grammy J if surgery went ok. She said it went great and at 9:01, Eli was snoring. I think at 9:01 on the west coast, Manny was calming down some thanks to his new Dora video and Nate and I were scarfing down Subway like it was the first food we've had in days - with the relief of it all.
This morning, Manny is doing pretty well actually. Of course, he is not a fan of these annoying bloody drain tubes, which is probably why he managed to pull one out. Oops.The draining bloody tubes and bloody shirt and gauze is really not up my alley. Nurse Judy, where are you? But, it is 10:40am here and he is having some 7up, Subway, and Nate's sour patch kids. Notice I say "Nate's". He is currently watching Nick Jr and holding his new Teddy thanks to the Scharfs. The Front Desk person, Rafike, who I talked to a few times prior to arrival and at check-in - but not since then - somehow recognized me this morning when I came down for breakfast and said "how is your son?". Go Hampton! (yeah, I work with Hamptons...and I'm sure the Comfort Suites would do that too - ha!).  And then I grabbed breakfast and later proceeded to smuggle some yogurts back to our room.
Erin Broome just emailed me the "teaser clip" for Thursday night's NBC15 story. Stay tuned. I attempted to post to Manny In The News. FYI - Sticky Tape is a Dora The Explorer word and that is how Manny thought his hear would get put on. Dora always has it in her backpack.
Yesterday, we were able to sit down with Dr Roberson a number of times and discuss other things like the WI Children's Hearing Aid & Cochlear Implant bill. Dr Roberson travels around the world to help children in need. In fact, he says he goes to China quite often because there are many children with microtia/atresia. And, sadly, if they are born with this, they often get dumped to the orphanage with the parents simply trying again for a "perfect" child. And, if a child is bilateral - totally forget about it... So sad and disgusting yet Dr Roberson is helping these children with hearing and Cochlear Implants. Way to go Dr Roberson! The Let Them Hear foundation is based out of his office. And, let's not forget our WI Children's Hearing Aid website :)
I would like to thank my local adoptive family, the Espinosas, for checking with us and seeing if we need anything.  I would like to again thank all of our friends & family for your support. And, thank you to our new friends who we dont directly know, who have been praying for Manny, along with our facebook friends! Thank you to all of the children like Ava, William, Carson, Caleb, Jacob/Jessica, Issie, Oliver, Jensen and all the little children who are saying their nightly prayers for Manny. And, thank you to 4 year old Emily who is mad at EVERYONE in Beaver Dam who wasn't wearing a Manny t-shirt yesterday :) Way to have his back. lol.