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Raffle ron-de-vous, Insurance drama

posted Feb 3, 2011, 11:59 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Feb 3, 2011, 6:17 PM ]
We had a silent auction committee meeting yesterday. Thank you to those "volunteers" - Shelly, JLo, Coach Joe, Judes, Becky, Erin, Laurie. Some of these ladies I do not know very well, and they have volunteered countless hours to collect items - amazing. After our meeting was over, we ventured out on a mission to collect items for our raffle and were really successful, minus our "approach" at one stop :)
The insurance drama continues to be a daily thorn. For some reason they think a plastic surgeon with little/no experience in microtia/atresia Middleton could perform not only the external reconstructive surgery, but the internal ear surgery for hearing restoration -  that's like saying a plastic surgeon could do complex heart surgery. Because Manny's case is the most severe, he really needs to go to surgeons who do this specific surgery multiple times per week on Pediatrics. Believe me, if we could do it in Middleton, WE WOULD! We'll get there, and hopefully before March 10th.
Thank you so much for your cash donations: S Salter, S/P Wesson, M/D Mosher, L Harrison, M Blang, G/M Roberts, E/N Barnes, C Berghammer, J Simpler, E Maas, Countryside Auto, Dr Triller, H Lee, K Reitzel
If you have donated something for the silent auction, please list it under Manny Wilke Benefit  on facebook - include your item, name, and business!