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Pre-op #2, Dodgeville Culvers

posted Jul 31, 2011, 11:13 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 31, 2011, 11:48 PM ]
We met with Dr Lewin at our hotel today - she drove directly here again from the airport which saved us a trip to find her hotel. Prior to coming, she had forwarded a "good luck" video message to Manny from her two kids :) 
We sat at the same table in the lobby again for the pre-op, Manny stood in front of the same wall for surgery pictures. I almost feel like I'm living the movie Groundhog day. Dr Lewin is very pleased with the arm skin graft (which was placed on the backside of Manny's ear) and is uncertain about the front of his ear - it still may smooth out - it's slightly wrinkly but is still healing. She thinks she will do another split graft on the front of his ear like this past surgery, but will use his groin and stomach skin grafts for the backside of his ear instead of the arm. She wants to save the other arm skin graft for the touch up surgery we will need, when she already plans to bring the earlobe forward (probably 9 months from now - hello next baseball season). If the split grafts don't heal properly, she will somehow remove that skin and overlay both ears (on the front) with the "perfect" arm skin graft. She will have us "sign off" on a Right Ear Lobe something-something to help fix this one area that feels "pokey" under the skin to avoid a protrusion - otherwise, she wont be touching that ear tomorrow. The good news is that he won't need a second ear cup for that revision - so he'll have some place to rest his head at night!
On a side note, I received a text yesterday from my friend, Alicia, whom I met through the children's hearing aid bill. She was eating at Culvers in Dodgeville with her son, Oliver (Manny's buddy), sporting her TMHTM t-shirt.
Someone came up to her and said "I know Manny!" and it was Dr Betsy, Manny's Pediatrician in Beaver Dam. That totally made my day!
Well, tomorrow (or actually in a few hours) is the big surgery. We have to be there at 6am Cali time for prep. Eli is getting picked up by the Godfamily's family (!) at 7:30 and he gets to play with them for the day. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts, well wishes and prayers - and thank you to Pastor Mau for the extra prayer today in church.
Best of luck BD Legion Baseball at the State Championship game! Go Coach Joe AKA Manny's Godfather!!