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Post Op, Home!

posted Apr 8, 2013, 1:42 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 8, 2013, 1:48 PM ]
We left the hotel at 8:00am and had a routine post-op visit with Dr. Goldzstein and everything looked good. He said that he wanted a TMHTM shirt as everyone else in the office had careful what you wish for... In addition, he told Manny that his friend, Brody, was scared to take the air mask for surgery, but when they told him that Manny did it like a big boy the day prior, Brody then took it. Dr. Goldzstein told Manny "You were a hero" and Manny's eyes lit up like Christmas trees. Whether it was true or not, it doesn't matter - it just made Manny so happy! We said our final "goodbyes"  to the staff at CEI (always wondering if they really are final!) and then headed straight to the airport 3 hours early. I always think we could do something for an hour, but I worry that I will then somehow hit traffic or get in an accident and then miss our very important flight home. So, we just walked the SCJ airport from gate to gate to gate to get some exercise before the long trip home.

Naturally, I met a fun woman named Natalie on our flight to go to Vegas. But, Manny started to not feel well and "blamed me" for letting him eat 3 oreos. He was dry heaving which is always awesome in an airplane. When we got on our second flight, Manny felt a little better, but his ear was starting to bleed. I asked the flight attendant for some gauze from their first aid kit. They didn't have one. No lie. Are you kidding me? No first aid kid on board. Note to self, do not bleed on flight. What is with needing gauze? I guess I do usually bring it with me on surgery trips but I would have checked it through in my luggage anyways. So, I had to go in the nasty airplane bathroom and get my "go-to" TP to stop the bleeding. He did sleep 3 hours on the airplane and I even rested a little myself. Good thing, since I had been up since 2am.

The boys picked us up at MKE at 8:45pm and by the time we got home it was 10:30pm and we were exhausted. There was a large poster from Manny's friends at school laying on his bed which really made him smile. He really missed his friends at school this surgery. I told him that we could make copies of the Cal Bears coloring page that he received at the baseball game and have a coloring contest with a little prize for the best one. He said, "No mom. That's not fair. I want all my friends to win." Excellent point.

We spent Saturday/Sunday in Appleton for Eli's basketball tournament (you can imagine my excitement to pack up for an overnight stay in a hotel) while Manny went to GJ's for some QT. It was a win-win for all. But now, I'm ready to stay home and get life back in order!