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Post Op, Airport, Home! (hopefully)

posted Apr 5, 2013, 3:03 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 5, 2013, 3:25 AM ]
The plan for today is for a successful post-op appointment (I don't think there will be any issue), then directly off to the airport and home! Rumor has it that Wisconsin weather has improved this past week for our return - it was 55 degrees in Wisconsin and only 66 (and rainy/cloudy) in Palo Alto yesterday. I'm very excited to see the boys. Abe is still missing us badly - in fact, one morning he woke up, saw grandma but wanted Mommy, so he went into Eli's room, shut the door and locked it. Oops.

Yesterday we enjoyed watching Brody's little 1 year old sister while he underwent his first ear surgery. Their surgery was delayed a couple of hours so it worked out well that we were able to play with her instead! We went to the Palo Alto Childrens' Zoo and Museum where I saw my classmate, Tanya and her children. I feel like I'm becoming a local. Then again, after 96 days (but who is counting), I sort of am. She so kindly invited us to dinner but I actually had to tell her that we already had dinner plans! The Espinosa family had invited us over for a Manny Meal - sausage pizza. It was great to see them one last time before we left. Perhaps we will come out for Easter #4 but this time just for fun! It felt really great to be able to help a family during the day and then get "help" ourselves at night. It's all just pretty cool when you think about it.

Well, it's 2am. I may as well get up and start adjusting back to WI time. Reality starts tomorrow as we head up to Appleton for Eli's State basketball tournament for the next couple of days. Manny gets to have a sleepover at Grammy J's to keep his ear safe and in a non-gym environment while I can give some attention to the other boys.

Here's to a smooth travel day and that we really get to fly home!!

Special thanks to Grammy J, Grandma Sue, Scharfs, Panichs, Loizzos and Peggy for their help this week with the boys at home! And thank you to everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers. We are so appreciative!