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posted Jan 17, 2012, 4:32 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jan 17, 2012, 4:38 AM ]
Our travel Sunday was smooth sailing but long. It is so nice to do everything the same - same car, hotel. - the familiarity of it all is comforting. I met a wonderful nameless woman on the plane and we chatted almost the whole 3 hour flight. We are both planners. I showed her my file folder for the trip and we both laughed as she does the same thing. She is well traveled and gave me some great pointers. When we got back to the hotel we caught the second half of the Packer game. We've only been in Cali 1 hour and Nate is already swearing. (j/k Nate). Afterwards, we met our Godfamily at Luca's basketball game in Palo Alto - again, the familiarty of it all is comforting - a basketball gym! We sat next to a kid with a Wisconsin shirt, who just moved to Palo Alto from Waunakee (my hometown), whose dad works for the 49ers and Uncle is the Badger Coach who just went to Pitt and took all the coaches with him! Small world.
Yesterday, we ventured out to Portola Redwoods Park where we got to see a 280 foot tree (The Old Tree - how creative). Unfortunately, many Cali State Parks are closed due to budgets. The Ranger's station was closed and no one was there. Finally, some Mountain Man came and told us how to hike to get to The Old Tree. While hiking deep into the forest (ok, like 1/2 mile but it's a little creepy being all alone with mountain lion warnings on a tiny path) we were wondering if he was going to follow us and chop us into little pieces, but he didn't so thank you Mountain Man for helping us :) After we saw the tree, we sprinted back to our car. LOL It was very cool to see the tall Redwoods but the highlight of the boys' trip was them going potty on one. Of course it was. We then hit Simply Sandwiches - my highlight of the day, and then off to the Stanford Bookstore for some shopping - Nate's highlight of the day.
Manny's pre-op was another long appointment - ear cleaing, hearing test, consultation with doctors, paperwork. Eli was lucky enough to go to our Godfamily's house and play during the appt. Manny is always such a trooper and works so hard during his hearing tests. They were consistent with our local tests, so that is reassuring to know we have great local docs but the results were still not ideal - which is why we are here. Our Godfamily then cooked us yummy fajitas at their house and Nate/Eli went to go see Monterra play basketball at a very prestigous Menlo Park Middle/High School while Manny and I stayed at the house watching Manny's favorite - Tom & Jerry (or as Manny pronounces, Tom & Gary). While Manny was watching TV, Carolina put on her pjs - her TMHTM shirt - it made Manny smile. Again, how lucky we are to have friends to take us in and make us feel at home.
We miss Abers like crazy. Our first phone call home was a disaster - he heard my voice and starting screaming/crying. But, the second one was much better. He just got in from making snowmen outside with Sabrina & Jarrett. And, he had just slept 13 hours at their house....go Abers!!