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Pizza Ranch, West Bend Mutual, Crazy Legs, Gma

posted Apr 11, 2011, 7:28 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 11, 2011, 7:49 AM ]
Stacy Van Buren, classmate of Nate's, contacted us about doing a fundraiser on behalf of Teens Leveraging Change (TLC group) which she and her daughter founded. The event will be Monday night, May 2nd from 4-9 at Pizza Ranch and 15% of sales will benefit Manny and Charlotte Elske. Unfortunately, Manny and I will be in CA but hopefully the boys can go after baseball. Adorable little Charlotte is a 2 year old little girl with M7-Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She will likely be confined to her hospital floor for 90% of the next 7-9 months where she will undergo chemo, blood & platelet transfusions and bone marrow transplant. The family just had another child as well, and they must be seperated as the infant cannot be in the secluded area of the hospital. For more information on Charlotte: There are so many children in need, it breaks my heart and makes me feel guilty for fundraising for Manny, who is relatively healthy but just needs ears. Ugg. Ironically, my brother's annual fundraiser (which we are very passionate about), the Greater Bucky Open, raises money to provide food to families in the GBO Lounge in the Oncology/Hemotology ward of the American Family Children's Hospital. My guess (and hope) is that Charlotte's family is able to benefit from this room. For more info on the GBO: (An annual golf event at UW Ridge - sign up!).
Lynn Taetsch, is the mom of my college roommate, Heather Lee. She has worked for WBM for 20 years and has never asked for a fundraiser event. Apparently, she put together information and requested jeans days for MannyMan. Every Thursday in March employees of WBM wore jeans and donated money on his behalf. I about fell over about the money they raised - $1255. No, not 125. 1,255. Crazy. Thank you employees of West Bend Mutual and Lynn/Heather!
My brother is hosting a Crazy Legs West run in Hermosa Beach when we are in California for surgery. So, I guess I can't say no! Manny (in stroller) and I will be participating in this run at the beach. I guess if you are going to recover after may as well be near the beach :)
God bless Great Grandma Williams who was transferred to hospice yesterday. Perhaps she is looking forward to being Manny's angel throughout his surgeries...