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Pizza Ranch (Monday), TMHTM Shirts, Bubble Boy, Skype

posted May 1, 2011, 10:06 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 1, 2011, 10:33 PM ]
Monday night (5/2) there is the fundraiser at Pizza Ranch in Waupun, starting at 4:30. A % of sales will benefit both Manny and another little local girl in need. Grammy J plans to bring Eli and Abe for dinner but obviously Manny will not be there - he is in Cali! Thank you to the Stacy Van Buren family.
Another order for the TMHTM shirts is being placed. Please contact Grammy J at if you would like one. They will also be sold at the 5/13 Brink Benefit.
I thought by now I would be able to get some work done on my computer, but I do not have a second of spare time! I need to follow Manny around constantly, especially when we are outside. He cannot, absolutely cannot injure or even touch his ear, head (skin graft site #1, #2) or arm (skin graft site #3). For some reason, this laid back mama's boy is now really into jumping off everything and anything, whipping a bigwheel all around, climbing furniture, etc. His new found energy is great, but it's exhausting to be his shadow. I don't remember him being so active, or is it just intensified when I am fearful of his every move? Why can't I stick him in some type of bubble for 6 weeks? This is ridiculous.
My little boys at home are no longer sad to see me/Manny on Skype, in fact, they are getting kind of bored with me. I'm not sure what's worse - watching them be sad, or having them bored. Manny is the same - getting a little bored with it all. My girlfriend, Heather, warned be about this, as it happened to her as well. Super. On a positive note, I will see the boys at the end of this week. I cannot wait, but perhaps they can!
On a sad note, I would like to send some prayers to Petrice's sister, Kirsten, who tragically lost her 36 year old husband, Jason, yesterday while he was training for an Ironman. (Kirsten's parents are my god-parents.) Kirsten and Jason have 2 small children. A huge :(
Thank you so much for your donation: J/A Kamps, S/J Delgadillo, We Grow Garlic, D Corcoran, K Weiss-Todd, R Mallon, BD Baseball 50/50 Raffle, D Wojtal, D Richardson, P Pautsch, A Grebel, M Papi, G Patmythes