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Party Hat, Bag, ENT Appt, 2 week countdown

posted Jul 14, 2011, 9:33 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jul 14, 2011, 9:48 AM ]

Yesterday was Abe's 2 year birthday and we celebrated with family last night. Manny wore a party hat all day, all night. It was the first time he could wear a hat with it staying on his head (needed at least 1 ear to hold it in place) and he was thoroughly enjoying all of it!

He also wore his new bag he got from Judy which is typically for an ipod holder, but she pleated the bottom so it can carry the dreaded DRAIN TUBES after surgery which totally threw both Manny and Me over the edge last surgery. Yuck! For now, his Man bag holds his wallet which buys him Freezy pops at all of Eli's games!
We were hoping to get the "Clear" to go swimming at Manny's  local ENT appt today. It has been very difficult recently with him not being able to swim. He has been asked my many kids to come over to do the slip n slide, swim, etc and sees his brother walking out of the house with a swimsuit/towel, eventhough we try to be discreet. We werent able to participate in traveling baseball weekends because it revolved around fun at the hotel pool. We thought we were able to swim for maybe a week or two before surgery but unfortunately, no dice. The ear is still healing and it isn't worth the risk. Oh well, 3 months of sponge baths and another 4 months of sponge baths ahead - here we come! I sure hope that we can plan any follow-up surgeries around the summer months. It's not the end of the world, but it makes me sad for him as he loves loves loves to swim :(
Dr Lewin (outer ear) says that the ear is continually progressing and looks good. She said that any peach fuzz that may develop from the skin grafting can be temporily fixed with Nair for Sensitive Skin. For some reason I think that is really funny.
Well 2 weeks from today we leave again for surgery. Since surgery I was at ease with knowing exactly what lies ahead for surgery 2 and now it gives me anxiety because I know exactly what lies ahead for surgery 2. The good news is that Manny is so excited to go back to Uncle Derek & Aunt Ashleys house and insisted that we pack his suitcase already. At this point last time I was all packed up and ready to go - now...umm...I should start working on getting organized.