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Packer Superbowl donation from 3 adorable little girls, M&I Milw

posted Mar 6, 2011, 9:03 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Mar 6, 2011, 9:25 PM ]
My girlfriend in NYC has 3 of the most adorable little girls you'd ever see. Well, I haven't technically met them in person, but they sure are beautiful in pictures. I sure hope a Wilke boy marries one of them! Anyways, the girls won their daddy's Superbowl office pool. "They were very excited about the winnings, the game...and of course the appetizers that we made for the big day (although it was rather bittersweet for all as our Jets didn't make it to game day, but I digress). Being that Green Bay won and that is one of Manny's favorite teams, I explained Manny's story to the girls and I suggested to them that they donate the winnings to Manny's fundraising efforts so that he could get his "Big Ears". (I said they could keep a few bucks each....funny enough, Katherine was more than happy to just hold onto $3 dollars so "the little boy can get his ears" and give the rest away)."  And then my girlfriend matched her daughters' Packer-win donation! THANK YOU EBELINGS :)
Today, I drove to Milwaukee to see my girlfriends, Bev & Melis, for a playdate with the kiddos. They both work at M&I in Milwaukee. They had told some of their co-workers/family about Manny's upcoming surgeries and collected donations! I walked in the door and received an envelope of cash & checks! And then Melis made cupcakes. Not a bad afternoon. Then, I drove back to BD to pick up Eli, and my friend Staci had purchased Manny's specific underarmour skull cap (like what football players wear under their helmets) that he needs for surgery post-op and gave it to him as a gift. Eli now wants one! ha!
Thank you so much for your donations: R/A Hamilton, G/A Hildebrandt, D/D Vilstrup, B Peterson, T Kieffer, T Johnson, M Mann, L Elskamp, K Bensing, L Walters, P Koper, M/J Rifelj, C Urbaniak, K Hougom, K Mudrock, B/B Schwoch, B Perschke, J Shumaker, K/N Ebeling, G Otte, B Bashynski