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Out of surgery and in recovery 11:15am

posted Jan 17, 2012, 11:45 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Jan 17, 2012, 11:47 AM ]
Dr Roberson came out and spoke with us. He gave Manny a new ear drum and replaced the skin near the ear drum 1/3 way in the canal as it had been infected for so long and yucky. He said that the middle ear actually looked pretty good, so instead of replacing the stapes bone, he loosened it up as it was tight (if it's tight it doesn't vibrate well, if it doesn't vibrate well you can't hear as well). It is always ideal to keep your "natural" parts versus prosthetics. He thinks that by fixing these 3 things, his hearing should improve. I'm so excited to have his canal fixed, to stop the infection and have him hearing again! We've been doing nightly nursing since surgery, drops, ear plugs, steroid creams. The left side ear drum is intact, as we expected, so Dr Roberson agrees that something is wrong with the middle ear. Oh, I'm already ancy for April to see what the heck happened there. Woo-hoo!
Since there is no prosthetic stapes I asked if we could fly to LA to see Dr Lewin instead of driving. Dr Roberson said that would be fine, but there is probably a 2% chance of hurting the ear drum. Nate and I agreed that there is no way I'm adding any risk so we'll still drive! Dr Roberson plans to call Dr Lewin today to give her an update, which I thought was really great.
Nate is now back in recovery....we agreed to swap 1/2 way through. I told him to go first while he was sleeping (so I can swoop in like a knight in shining armor when he starts to awaken....I'm no dummy).
Thanks for all of your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. Now that we have gotten through this, I'm hoping for a looooong night sleep tonight!