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posted Aug 10, 2012, 7:40 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 10, 2012, 11:27 PM ]
When Manny woke up on Thursday he insisted on going to Target to purchase his "surgery prize" - a longstanding surgery tradition. We laughed when he decided on the boardgame, "Operation". We just chilled out for most of the day but then the 8 of us were invited to Dr. Lewin's house to say hi to the kids and to go to her son's baseball game. I mean really, who does that? She does. When we got to her house she had the famous Manhattan Beach Becker's cookies boxed up as a present for us (she even picked out an Angry Bird cookie for Manny). It was great because she was able to remove some of Manny's leftover sticky surgery adhesive on his body and make sure his bandage was in place. I also got the ok for Manny to walk on the beach and maybe even bigwheel (the nurses had told me "no way"). It was nice to do something normal like watch a 10 year old baseball game! We had to leave the game early as both Manny and Abe weren't feeling well. In fact, Abe was up all night and had a fever all day. Sometimes it feels never ending.
Today, we were invited to Aunt Ashley's work for a tour. She works at an online beauty store (Just Fabulous) that sells handbags, shoes, beauty products and is launching a reality series on the Style network this fall - so yes, Aunt Ashley may be on reality tv :) The place was unbelievable and every girls' dream - shoes on every desk (and I'm talking 6 inch heels), photo studio, and bar.
The boys were still not feeling well today so I decided to take them "home" - to Uncle Derek's house to watch The Lorax and to just chill. I miss his house, "my bedroom", the big a$$ tv, just hanging with them...and of course, using them for their washer and dryer.
Highlights of the day - receiving some really sweet notes from great friends and a lil' sister. Manny signing me "I love you" at 2am, while I was repositioning his head in the pillows. Seeing dolphins at the beach. Chillin at my bro's. Seeing a pic of all the laundry my mom did for me back at home. Watching Sabrina help Eli try to boogie board. Cheap pizza. Lowlights of the day - Abe & Manny's fevers. Getting passed by 2 different pregnant chicks running at the beach while I was running.
Photos updated - Surgery 8-8-12