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Ohio, Penn State - Badger Hoops Tix - winners!

posted Feb 4, 2011, 12:12 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Feb 4, 2011, 9:07 PM ]
(THANK YOU WINNERS - Steve/Pat Hughes, Ashley Theime, Mark "Toma", James Fletcher!!!)
Tonight during the boys Beaver Dam High School basketball games, there will be a silent auction for:
-2/12 (Sat) UW vs #1 ranked Ohio State - 2 tickets & parking pass, sec 109, Row T, seats 13&14
-2/12 (Sat) UW vs #1 ranked Ohio State - 2 tickets & parking pass, sec 312, Row C - aisle seats
-2/20 (Sun) UW vs Penn State - 2 tickets, Sec 101, Row J, Seat 5&6
-Bo Ryan Autographed Basketball
If you are interested in bidding on these - contact Erin Broome at There is a minumum bid on all 3 sets tickets and a "Buy Now" price! For more info on these tickets you can check out Manny Wilke Benefit on facebook.  You will also receive a very special thank you note from MannyMan.
These tix have been donated by Grandpa Joe/Bev, Grammy J/Mike, Ken Woodford (Robert W Baird Investments), Bo (via Uncle D). Thanks to Erin, Judy, Schumann Printing and the BDHS Art Class for their efforts for creating AND executing in one day - WOW!  THANK YOU!!!