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Off to Cali, poofy woman, 7:52am cocktails, Angry Birds

posted Apr 1, 2012, 2:15 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 1, 2012, 2:34 PM ]
We left BD (thanks to Abe's godmother, Jenny) to head to the airport at 5:45am - now that is a good friend! It is always difficult to leave home, and say goodbye to family. Eli had been very upset about me leaving the past few days, and he wanted to make sure I woke him up before we headed out. So, I had a lot on my mind at the airport and while purchasing some water for the plane ride, the woman at the counter said "Are you from Beaver Dam?" and I just looked at her...and finally asked, ok, what am I wearing that you figured that out. That's usually my husband's doing - not mine. She said, I saw your American National Bank credit card. Then she asked, "Are you traveling for vacation?" and I said, "actually, were going to CA for my son's surgery." I think she could tell I was worried and somewhat feeling defeated. Then she said "my son had 6 brain surgeries" and I replied "exhausting isn't it?" And she said "you can do it, you will get through it." It was a really nice, bizarre and quick conversation - almost like she was going to poof away in smoke after I left just like in the tv if she was planted there to help me start the next adventure with some positive vibes.
We made it to LAX with only one 5 minute severe temper tantrum by Abe on the plane. I'm sure someone posted something on their facebook status like "there was this screaming 2 year old behind us...". He hadn't slept all week, actually no one had. Everyone had colds and the tension of California always makes for a wild week. All the kids slowly climb in our bed throughout the nights leading into California. I knew the tantrum would be coming and I knew there was nothing I could do. No sucker nor electronic was going to help me get through it. So, I let him scream it out and get it over. But, when the flight attendant announced on the 7:52AM flight "we will be serving alcoholic beverages for a fee" my mom and I looked at each other and smiled. Who on earth would order beverages that early in the morning? We didn't, but I would be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind and probably everyone around us.
We've been able to enjoy the beach (although sunny yet chilly), music class, the park and the company of Uncle Derek and Aunt Ashley. Today, we met Dr Lewin and her family at a French Bistro for breakfast and walk around the Manhattan Beach Pier - Manny even got to order an Angry Bird cookie to match his Angry Bird shirt! While we don't have surgery with her this trip, she continued to share her precious family time with us :) We hopefully have our 5th and final surgery with her in August. But, it was great because I got to show her how headphones don't work on Manny's ears (his ears don't bend so the phones don't lay flat or stay on his head) and we got to discuss surgerical plans again in advance and IN PERSON,which is so great. Seriously, she is amazing in so many ways and her kiddos are so wonderful. Even her hubby joined us before he headed out to trial (he is an attorney) and volunteered to feed Abe bites of french toast while he played ... you guessed it Angry Birds. What is up with this obsession in America?

Well, it's off to do laundry before we head out tomorrow early to take a quick flight up to San Jose. We won't have the luxury of laundry up there like we do at Uncle Ds! We then go right to Manny's pre-op in the afternoon in Palo Alto with surgery Tuesday morning. What a blessing it has been to enjoy Uncle D's/Aunt Ashley's prior to surgery.
Thanks to the Panich family for all of our individual cards in the mail (even Grammy J and I got our own cards with Starbucks g.c.s!), Sherry/Pastor Mau for card/stickers/McDs and to Aunt Val, Jarrett, Sabs for their card and terrible beach drawing! Thanks to Judy who made Abers a wallet holder to match Manny's. Thanks to Gma Sue who took Manny/Abe while Eli and I could enjoy some quiet Dairy Queen time together the day before we left. Thanks to Abe's godmother, Niki, for taking Eli home to play Friday night and making sure he had some normalcy! And a huge thanks to Grammy J for coming out with us this trip to help me with the boys so that Abe could come with us.