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New Classes, Car, Website Stats

posted May 2, 2011, 10:45 PM by Manny Wilke
Today it was time to get out of "hotel uncle derek" (as Manny calls it) we went to Music Rhapsody class as we were able to "try it out for free". I used to take Manny to music class at Happy Bambino every week in Madison when he was younger. As you may recall from a prior post - music helps train the hearing impaired to hear. This class at Music Rhapsody was very similar to his other classes and he loved it! He got to play a HUGE drum, xylophones, and blow bubbles with other children his age. He also suckered me into buying the cute little clear backpack that was filled with musical toys - all of the kids had them and brought theirs to calls. Free trial class, $43 backpack. Welcome to California. Later in the day we went to art class at the Art Zone. Manny has a great time painting and making a little clay pot. I thought taking him to music and art class would save me from the stress of him injuring himself but the music teacher accidentally totally plowed him over and whacked his head (non ear side) - yet, his hearing aid became dismantled and he got upset. Well, come to find out, she must have pulled out the stitches and ripped the blood dried gauze off the skin graft area as it later came out (Dr Lewin said at the appt Friday- I'm not touching that area will not be fun when that comes off...). I had no medical supplies (nor a car) at hotel uncle derek's place, and it was bleeding under his cap, so we did our own little arts and crafts with feminine products and neosporin. Oh, won't Beverly Hills be impressed at our next appt.
So, I need to rent a car for Wednesday's doctors appointment and for when the boys come to Cali. Pretty sad when I only feel comfortable driving a minivan and am terrified to drive to Beverly Hills and LAX. I used to drive 2.5 hours every day in Chicago. What happened to me? I got suburbanized.
Uncle D did some website stat research on There have been over 1200 unique viewers apparently, with an average time of 16 minutes? The websites he has created has an average view time of 2.5 minutes. Sorry, Charlie. So, thanks to all of Manny's unique viewers :)  Not really sure what this all means, but I think it means he's cool.
On the homefront, Nate couldn't figure out why his baseball pants weren't white sparkly like when I wash them. Then, he realized that he didn't add laundry detergent in the wash. I cannot believe I am the one who wears two different colored shoes.
Thank you to Schwan foods for their check from the 4/1 Good Shepherd Pie & Dinner benefit. We received a check for $778 plus our driver donated $100 (Go Scott!). Also, thank you to KmacDaddy for her box of cookies/treats. The stale Chips Ahoy were getting gross - and congrats on her new baby boy born today