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NBC 15, The Strand, Floor, Daddy

posted Apr 29, 2011, 6:46 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 29, 2011, 7:15 AM ]
Last night at 10pm Channel 15 did a feature story on Manny. You can view it at Manny In The News. Tim did a really nice job of covering Manny's story. (For the record, Abe had a cold and I was trying to wipe the mucus off his face - not shush him or whatever it looked like I was doing!). The kids and Nate looked great but I could have used some "soft lighting" - ha! With all that I've been through, I think that having to come up with $91k cash and then wait 2 weeks in LA for post ops with an Los Angeles plastic surgeon should automatically give mommy some free perks - like some type of botox, face lift or something at the post-ops? Buy some ears for your child, mom gets boobies free?
Manny and I took a cab to Hermosa Beach yesterday and walked The Strand. Since he fell asleep, I decided to walk home - it was a haul. He eventually woke up and wanted a snack so we stopped at Starbucks (the only thing I could find). The check-out person said "did he just get done with swimming lessons?" thinking his skull cap holding his bandages was a swim cap. Uncle D's friend thought Manny looked very Reggae - like his hair was dreaded and wound up on the side of his head. We also scored a light pink/lavendar big wheel from Goodwill - we saw it in the store window. Hopefully, it will be safe exercise toy over the next couple of weeks - we have to be very careful.
Manny had a pretty good day yesterday and took a long nap in the stroller. He does get in a lot of pain at night and keeps banging the ear cup - it is stitched to his head. I have a note in to the doctor, but my guess is that the skin is healing and it is just part of the process. He was so frusturated at bed, trying to get comfortable, that he got out of bed and went to sleep on the floor.  :(
On a positive note, my husband did get back to Beaver Dam in one piece - although he couldn't find the car in the airport parking lot. Eli and Abe were so excited to see him!!