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posted Apr 24, 2011, 9:39 AM by Manny Wilke
We successfully made it to California! On Friday, we  bulldozed through cellphone drama (my phone died, which is the contact number for all the different surgeons and clinics, with the nearest US Cell dealer 160 miles away) and were able to have picnic in a little park, get a private tour of the Standford football stadium and baseball lockerroom. We then went to our Pre-Op appt with the inner-ear surgeon, followed by a hearing test which Manny sat through very patiently! We were driving around the entire day and I was telling Manny that his carseat was from his godmother, Bev. He preceeded to sing about her all day.. "My godmother is Bev, my godmother is Gee (Angie), my godMother is Coach Joe....." I tried to fix the godMother to godFather but it didnt work, which made it even more funny. I tried explaining all day that we were going to color Easter eggs with my godparent's daughter's family, but struggled to explain to a 4 year old the connection. We grew up with them, but moved away when I was only 2. Our families stayed in touch and would vacation together throughout the childhood years, but I havent Petrice and her family in probably....15? years. Anyways, they happen to live on the same street as the doctor clinic, a mile away. Manny was able to color Easter eggs, play baseball in the backyard, and just be a kid with 3 adorable older playmates - Monterra, Luca and Carolina. Petrice and Tony served up a steak dinner and we feasted like royalty. How nice to have an escape from the chaos and enjoy some normalcy. Plus, Tony was a football player at UCDavis and a sports nut so of course Nate was in heaven. Anyways, when we got in the car, Manny buckles his seatbelt and yells "THEY ARE MY GODFAMILY!!". Only a 4 year old can figure out the perfect words. That night, I slept more than I have in months - I think it was the normalcy, great conversation, distraction, delicious food, and perhaps the white russian cocktail.