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MonkeyMan, Reunion, Processors/Little Luxuries, Let's GO!

posted Aug 3, 2012, 12:21 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Aug 3, 2012, 2:26 PM ]
After Manny's surgery pre-op visit with Dr Betsy to make sure all was ok, we decided to celebrate and get some exercise at the park. Manny prides himself on the monkey bars..."Mommy, Mommy, take a video of me on the monkey bars!" I did with my phone. 4 rungs into it....flop...what felt like 9 stories down. Face plant. I gasp, no one moves. He slowly gets up and his face is completely black with dusty dirt - eyelids, up the nose, etc. He was totally fine. And, yes, it's all on a 7 second video....posted to facebook if you are my friend :) All I could think about is - we just got everything checked out and here he almost broke 2 arms. Two days later he jumps off the bathtub thinking he's superman and cuts his lip. Where is that BUBBLE - I need to put him in one!
I attended my high school class reunion a couple of weekends ago. What a difference social media makes in this day and age. I had great conversations with my high school buddies, more than just the "so, where do you live, what do you do, do you have kids...". Everyone knew that stuff because of facebook. So, you could have more in depth conversations. I was in shock about everyone who asked about Manny - people I hadn't seen or talked to in 5-10-15-20 years. Many have been on this website, and read these updates. I couldn't believe their interest and their kindness. And, how fabulous everyone looked. WOW! So, a special HI to Jodie Brown, an avid reader and our reunion planner :)
This week we picked up Manny's new processors. He is back to wearing 2 hearing aids. I give up, I'm sticking to "hearing aids". In just 5 years, his once "fancy hearing aids" (Cochlear BAHA) are now totally outdated. His new hearing aids (Oticon Pontos) are digital and were programmed by our Audiologist, Dr Diane Contreras, by her computer to adapt to his specific hearing needs. They automatically adjust to quiet or loud settings. When he tried them on he immediately says "Mommy, they don't buzzzzz..." Well of course they don't buzz, they're on your head??? (His BAHAs would buzz if you took them off his head and would buzz if they touched anything.) "But, Mommy, my other ones buzzed all the time". Tears came to my eyes. Has he been dealing with an annoying buzz for a long time? The feedback (high pitch noise) is supposed to be minimized or eliminated with these Pontos. We came home and did the "hat test". He put on multiple hats. No high pitch noise for the first time ever. Will this mean he can wear a baseball hat? A winter hat? A baseball helmet? Lay his head down on a pillow? Sit back on a couch? The little luxuries in life.
Well, we leave in 3 days. Last post I mentioned that I wasn't stressed and all was fine. I think I spoke too soon - after 4 surgeries I thought I'd avoid it. Reflux is high, full moon came (but went) at our house, no one is sleeping -  it's just time to get on that plane - Let's Go!  But first, we must rally through State Legion high school baseball and 10U Little League Beaver Dam baseball tournament! Let's Go BD!
Thanks, Laurie, for our airplane goodies!!!