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Manny turns 5! Die-cast replica semi

posted Oct 11, 2011, 12:54 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 1:33 PM ]
Manny turned 5 years old on Friday. Age 5 seems like a milestone in a child's life, especially Manny's. When Eli had turned 5, I put together a photo album for him including 3 pages per year of just "him" - birthday party, Halloween costume, Santa gift, etc. So, I naturally felt pressure to do the same for Manny. I stayed up until midnight for many nights trying to finish his little book and was excited to give it to him. It really took me down memory lane on how far he has come and what we all have experienced as a family - starting from his major surgery to radiothons, passing of the Children's hearing aid bill, etc. I forgot that we had to thicken all liquids with food thickener for him for the first 2 years so he wouldn't choke. How his first steps were at 16 months, the day he was realeased from the hospital from pneumonia.
Unfortunately, he was sick for the better part of his birthday week, getting run down with a croupy cough. He goes downhill quickly but was able to bounce back this time ok - yippee! We started the day going to Wal-mart Transportation - they had contacted us to let us know the die-cast semi truck replica was in of the big semi that is floating around the East Coast with Manny's mug on it! They had little gifties for the boys and a sweet blanket for mom. Manny also had a fun kids birthday party and then a family party. I'm not sure if the drum set was a great idea though. The drums are fine....those darn cymbals :)
This is a big week for us. He has an ENT appt Thursday in BD and then a hearing test in Milwaukee at Children's on Friday. The hearing test will be submitted to California and the next steps regarding surgery will revolve around the outcome. Good luck, Manny!!!