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Manny t-shirts, Brink-Nanny-DonationTYs

posted May 20, 2011, 12:04 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 20, 2011, 2:19 PM ]
A new shipment did come in last week. We have about 20 t-shirts left in probably the final order. Just FYI - my brother was wearing his TMHTM t-shirt at the Angels game and a few people were like - Sweet Knock Out last night, Manny! They all thought the t-shirt was for the boxer Manny. So, if you own one, you are California trendy as well.
Brink Photos and updated ear photos (Photos-Surgery) from today have been uploaded to the website. Here is a picture of Manny (hidden) showing Gov Doyle that he is FOUR years old!
Thank you so much for your donation and/or Brink RSVP: K Schneider, W Harris, S Cashman, H Larson Schroeder, M/C Schaefer, L/F Hoeft, E Kietzmann, K/C Twardokus, L/S Ruedisili, D Hartl, J/R Archie, J Mosher, R/MK Streblow, J/N Stanzi, A Grinder, L Risdon, J Wilke, G/G Wilke, Teens Leveraging Change, J Lee, M Nelson, M Kharitou, M Dennis, K/T Dennis, J/S Wilke, H Cardis, S Storhoff, A Steck, R Erickson, D Graham, J Dotzler, D/B Ziegler, N Schwitters, S Dean, J Bohen, K Price, R Cupp, B Shippee, J Black, L Benz, K Lacke, R Cousins, J Eddy, B Driscoll, T Esser, S Hasbrouck, A Boehme, R/M Dull, J/E Schnaubelt, A Lukosus, J Piette, M Summer, G Jordan, W Haight, L Koenen
K Lathrop Capaul, J/B Hildebrandt, A Wilcox, B/J Mansfield, D Crowley & Family, L Ruiz, Ru-Mahn, L Huffer, D/A Nehmer, J/B Driscoll/Princeton Group, A/J Fiorenza, M Soberi, J/P Messner, S Dean, J/D Koss, M/P Wilson, T/T Grosse, P Breunig, W/J Hughey, J/S Samuelson, M/T Johnson, D Hall, T/K Runge, A Boehme, M/M Kharitou, D Widmer, S Zindars, E Broome, M/R Dull, J/T Esser, C McCabe, M/S Wilke, A Loizzo, G/L Jensen, D/C Bleifield, M Reiland, S/K Price, D Redmann, J/M Parnell, R/L Cederholm, B/J King, J/S Maupin, J/S Samuelson, S/T Chomor, D/L Zukowski, Capitol Bank, Hansen Funeral Home, Murphy Desmond SC, D/G Gotzion, J/S Wilke, R Corcoran, S/N Skolaski, R/D Hildebrandt, R & K Niesen, R Hohlstein, L/J Corcoran, J Corcoran, T Corcoran, S Bulgrin, B Cowles, C Kammer, J Helms c/o CharHaus Pub, M Modine, J Khromer, R Wulf, M Flanagan, A Bauer, J Loizzo, D Fister, P Graham, JPH, G Bastie, H Lee, K Lascala, G/M Bryan, C O’Connor, Dork Storm Press/John,T Mariniello, J VerMeulen, S Shute, H Quartaro, M Hassett, J Teeter