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Manny T-shirts for sale, PT Conferences, West Bend Mutual

posted Mar 4, 2011, 12:33 PM by Manny Wilke
A new order for the Teach Me How To Manny t-shirts are in! Please contact Coach Jane Loizzo at if you would like one (cost is $10 per shirt, with $5 going back to Manny's surgery fund!). We have Kids sizes up to XXXL. They are available at the High School library today 2:30pm -3:30pm.
At Parent Teacher Conferences last night, we got to look in Manny's pre-school notebook. The kids draw a picture, any picture, at the beginning of each class. Most days, he scribbled a "dinosaur". He would scribble in yellow and say "a green dinosaur" just to be funny! Then, on one day, he drew a picture of himself. It took me back a moment. He drew one little dot for one ear and another little circle for the other ear. I didnt realize he was that self aware to draw it accordingly in a picture. But, NEXT SCHOOL only 6 months, he will be drawing TWO BIG EARS because of all of the amazing support!!! YEAH!
West Bend Mutual in West Bend is having a jeans day with proceeds going to to Manny. Thanks Lynn Taetsch!!