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Manny is in the OR

posted Apr 25, 2011, 8:34 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 25, 2011, 8:53 AM ]
We would like to thank EVERYONE for helping us get here today. Because of all of your support, we are with the ABSOLUTE TOP DOCTORS and we get to ELIMINATE MULTIPLE SURGERIES - and let me tell you - you have no idea how great that is and will be - not only for Manny, but for the entire family. The love and support that we have had along the journey is amazing and we greatly appreciate the texts, vms, facebooks, and photos of you wearing your TMHTM t-shirts today!!
Dr Lewin sported her new TMHTM t-shirt today under her scrubs (BTW, Dr Betsy wore hers for Manny's pre-op appt in BD too!) and we were able to give Dr Roberson his little bag of Manny goodies (postcard, TMHTM pencil, t-shirt, and homemade card from Eli). We have updated some pics from today on Manny Photos -Surgery.
Dr Lewin just came out (8:45am). She said that Manny was really drunk before he went under :) He had good happy juice. Why cant there be plenty to go around? The Diet Coke isnt going to cut it today. Jk. Anyways, she is about to start surgery. And just as she left, she pulled out the bookmark from inside her scrub pocket. This bookmark is the one Shelley Storhoff made for the church benefit. She said that both she and Dr Roberson had never seen anything like it before. It says "Ephphatha- Be Opened!" Jesus' words in Mark 7:34 when He healed the deaf man. "We all take hearing and speech for granted. But even for us to have these gifts from birth is a miracle. We pray that Manny will soon have his miracle, and that it will move all of us to thank God for his gift of hearing and speech and also for ours." - Pastor Mau.