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Mack truck, Good thanks, Sunglasses, Italy

posted Sep 6, 2011, 12:57 PM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Sep 19, 2011, 8:31 AM ]
The Mack truck arrived this weekend. I thought I'd be out of the clear this time as I thought surgery 2  went much better overall. But, this weekend I decided to stay home with Manny/Abe while Nate/Eli went up north. With Manny not being able to swim or be near water and me not wanting to be in a suitcase one more day, I thought it would be best to wind down and "relax" with "only" 2 kids instead of 4. Well, it all caught up with me this weekend and wiped me out again. But, it was short lived as compared to last time!
I have been somewhat frustrated with his healing. I have seen many pictures on facebook and blogs of other patients at 4-5 weeks post op, and their ears look so-called "perfect" and Manny's is forming scar tissue and new bumps. 2 weeks ago he didn't wear his hearing aid and now I feel like he is not hearing nearly as well. People stop and ask all the time how he is doing, which is so heartwarming, and of course I say "good, thanks" because that is what you do. No matter what your day is like, when you get asked,  "How are you?", you always respond with "I'm good thanks" even when you are having a bad day. One of our relatives (that-which-cannot-be-named) used to always respond with "I'm terrible" which was kind of funny in a way because you just don't do that, but they always did. What would I like to say? I would like to say, "It's great to be home, It's so awesome to have 2 big boy ears. But, I wish he would heal a little faster, a little better, a little more perfectly. But, the response always is, "he's good, thanks." It almost would feel like I've let people down, I've let Manny down, I've left myself down on the post-care. I know the healing takes time and it varies to each and every individual. And, we all know The Man is his own dude. And, we know that he has probably 2 more surgeries to help both the outer and inner....but I want it perfect -NOW! Yes, Judy, I am a Virgo.
The pity party ended with some proud moments: 1) We were driving to Madison and Manny's eyes were bugging him. It was the day his ear cup came off. I decided to bring his sunglasses that he bought just prior to surgery - just in case. He put those bad boys on in such a hurry and the smile was one that I'll never forget. "LOOK AT ME WITH MY SPONGEBOB SUNGLASSES ON MY BIG NEW EARS". It was the very first time he wore sunglasses on his ears. 2) During the weekend we went to the park. Manny was playing with some older boys. Suddenly, I heard one boy say to Manny, "what happened to your ears?" Manny looked at him and said quickly and proudly "I just had surgery". Then they continued to play. I was so proud of him. He new exactly what to say and when. I need to learn from him!  3) At church on Sunday someone came up to him and said "Hey Mr Big Ears, it's great to have you back" - Manny looked up, smiled, and gave high-fives.
Throughout the healing emotional rollercoaster of the past two weeks, we have done some really great things. We got to go see the UW Badger Football team practice at Camp Randall and get Coach Bielema's autograph. In addition, we attended Brewer Bullpen catcher, Marcus Hanel's Koos For Kids Charity event in Racine. Little did I know that he would talk about MannyMan and Eli on stage in front of the Brewer players and get Prince to sign their jerseys. Nate even got his picture with Robin Yount and I thought he was going to wet his pants. So, needless to say, despite the 32 one-way plane tickets for surgery in the past 4 months - we've had plenty of fabulous day trips to "Italy".