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Los Angeles, Airport Friend, Day 3, Alaska

posted Apr 28, 2011, 8:18 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 28, 2011, 8:54 AM ]
Yesterday was somewhat of a trying day. We had the 9:30 post-op doctor appt with Dr Roberson's office in LA. Manny didn't even realize that Dr Service was taking out his drain tubes, so that was good, but he definitely didn't want to be at a doctor's office. (Dr Service is BFF with Johan Peterson from BD!) Manny threw up the food I recently pushed on him (mistake 1) as we were exiting the room, which was not so good. I think it was too much Tylenol and not enough food. Manny didn't feel good all day or eat anything, so I did not want to give him anymore Tylenol either. Mistake 2.

He fell asleep in the airport waiting to get on the plane. We had to say goodbye to Daddy (who was flying back to WI) and I had to carry sleeping Manny, my laptop bag, purse, Manny's backpack, stroller to board the plane. I'm sure it was quite a sight. After we boarded, a nice mom of 2 small boys (Emily) sat next to me, said she saw me in the airport and asked if I needed any help. My guess is that it was a rhetorical question. I know you are not supposed to divulge information to strangers you meet on the plane, but we had a nice time chatting and comparing 'mother of boys' notes. She was funny and I needed some laughs. Manny was getting feverish and not feeling well so afterwards, she helped me get off the plane (as I carried Manny), get my stroller and even bought me some Smart Cart to haul all my crap (duffle bag, carseat, lg suitcase, sm suitcase, Manny's backpack, purse, laptop bag) and helped me get outside LAX as I had to push Manny in the stroller. I was very thankful because I wasn't sure how I was going to do all of that by myself. Uncle D's good friend, Conrad, was nice enough to pick us up at the airport and drive us to Uncle D's. I introduced him to my new friend, Emily, and he laughed that I was making friends at the airport - crazy Wisconsin woman!

The ride home was a total disaster until the Tylenol I had given him kicked in. Sorry, Conrad. Sorry, Manny. But, we were able get inside, unpack, and eventually take a walk around the block with Conrad, 3 year old Ava (who brought Manny applesauce, juice and kid food), Aunt Ashley and dogs Lanie and Henry. Manny didn't sleep well - still not feeling well - and he kept "knocking on his ear cup" all night long. I heard Day 3 is usually the worst, and it was, but again the worst was not horrible. I keep thinking about the parents who have to take care of their sick children with no light at the end of the tunnel...not sure how they do it. We have a light and I'm hoping it's Day 4.

Thanks to Aunt Ashley for cooking up a meal and letting us do laundry last night. Thanks to Natalie for a box of Manny goodies that was waiting for us (and to Uncle D/A Ashley for mommy goodies - SHOES!). Today, I'm determined to wear shorts (haven't yet - the weather in Palo Alto was not warm), walk to the grocery store, and cab to the beach if the Man is up for it. Recovery could be worse... :)

By the way, Congrats to Nate who figured out how to get home - here was our last conversation at the airport:
N: So, how am I going to find my next plane to Milwaukee after I get to Las Vegas
T: You're going to look at the board that says "Milwaukee" and then walk to that gate
N: So, how am I going to get my bag in Milwaukee
T: You're going to follow the signs that say "Baggage Claim" 
N: But you always do that stuff
T: Yeah, I know, and when you arrive in Alaska later tonight I'm gonna laugh my a$$ off.