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Leading with the ear

posted May 25, 2011, 8:14 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated May 25, 2011, 11:04 AM ]
On Monday we decided not to wear any bandages or earcup to school. We got dressed for the first time in a month putting our shirt OVER our head. That made Manny very happy! He was beaming all morning and when we got to school, he walked in sideways, with his head cocked up and tilted. He shoved his beautiful new big ear in everyone's face - the teacher, his friends, moms. LOOK AT MY NEW BIG EAR EVERYONE. LOOK! LOOK!  Then, he got all of his friend's attention - spread out his arms as if he were preaching and said "there is NO HITTING....NO it everyone?" Then, he sat down and the assignment for the day was to draw a self-portrait. Yes, you guessed it. MannyMan with a big ear. And no feet.
After school I took him to daycare and again, he was so excited to show off his new ear. All of his friends came running out to see him and then they all disappeared with Manny back into the play area. Then, little Natalie runs out and says "Manny says we can all touch his new ear.." and both Peggy (Manny's daycare mommy) and I say "NOOOOO!!!!". It was pretty funny.
We continue to do lots of nurse work each morning and each night. We are now doing the steriod cream on an ear plug and putting that in his canal at night too, to make sure there is no "stenosis" - closing of the canal. I have a huge box sitting in my kitchen of more supplies than I've ever seen before. If you happen to get hurt near my house, come on over. I've got plenty of gauze and beer in the frig.
I shared the Manny First Big Ear video on the Microtia/Atresia support facebook fan page and have since then been in touch with many moms through facebook and email, including the founder of the page. I am also talking to some mom's that the doctors have put me in touch with (by the way, both docs have the video on their website). The video is helping some mom's prepare their child for their upcoming surgery, and for those who have had the surgery, they get to "relive" the journey they went through (whether they remember it or not) and see a family/child just like them.  Uncle D, you should get some type of academy award for whipping up the video. (notice I did not say money).
I'm slowly regaining some energy back. It's now about every other day I feel like I got hit like a Mac truck. My girlfriend, Kmac, said the same thing happened to her after her daughter had heart surgery. I think it is the adrenaline crash when things and slow down. So, someone please tell me why I am having a garage sale Friday? I bring some of this on myself, no doubt!