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KISS Musician, Audiology Testing/ENT, Plane tix and more plane tix

posted Jun 21, 2011, 5:31 AM by Manny Wilke

Musician, Paul Stanley, from KISS had unilateral (1 sided) microtia and atresia as a child and eventually had the surgery later on. He recently had an interview with CNN and explains the hardships he had as a child being different "childhood was not fun" and how he still overcame it to become so successful. Thanks Natalie for sharing! Manny is a music man but he's into more gangsta rap then heavy metal :)

Manny had his first initial Audiology appt in Beaver Dam yesterday after our ENT appt. He was supposed to put spongey dinosaurs from one bucket to the other when he heard the beep-beep-beep. But, the dinosaurs were spongey and fun to play with, so he didn't totally cooperate. We had also been there for 1.5 hours before the testing, so he was already tired of the doctors office before we started. We were able to think of some alternative testing styles which worked better (now I know what works and what doesn't for him), and next week we go to Children's Hospital to our regular Audiologist and hopefully he will do well too! It was the first time that an Audiologist put a hearing tester IN HIS EAR!!! It is so strange and cool to see both the ENT and Audiologist LOOK IN HIS EAR CANAL! ... Anyways, RESULTS - before surgery he was at severe hearing loss-maximum conductive loss at 40-70 decibels (dog barking, vacuum, airplane) and yesterday he tested anywhere from 0-30 (0-20 is normal, 20-30 mild hearing range) but was somewhat inconsistent. When we then revisited with the ENT, he was really excited about the extreme progress the surgery made with his hearing and says that it is still early yet for accurate results. In addition, Manny will need to learn how to hear out of his right ear - he is used to his entire skull vibrating from his BAHA hearing aid. So, I need to practice with him hearing without his hearing aid. I also need Nate and Eli and Abe to practice hearing without their hearing aids as well!! Overally, this is very exciting news and we hope that his hearing continues to improve.
Palo Alto/inner ear surgeon Dr Roberson wants us to see him again post-op before we go back to Wisconsin. Originally, they wanted me to come back at 4 weeks post op but I convinced them that I need to do it within the 3 weeks (!) so it looks like Manny and I will be booking tickets to fly up and back from LA in one day to go see him. On a side note, we did book tickets yesterday for Nate to bring the boys to come see us while we are in LA - I'm so excited that they'll get to come out again. It is so difficult to go so long without seeing them. But, now we know the drill and I'm hoping the recovery and emotional rollercoaster will go much smoother this next surgery!