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Jump Day, AFCH/Cap Bank, New Ear Equipment, Restored Energy

posted Apr 24, 2012, 8:06 AM by Manny Wilke   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 8:07 AM ]
Well, today is Jump Day. April 24th, the date we've been waiting for after 3 long weeks of no physical activity. The word "Jump" is on several calendars in our house so if nothing else, he has learned how to spell a new word. Apparently, Manny announced Jump Day yesterday at school and "everyone cheered, even Billy put his thumb up in the air and said, Awesome, Manny!" So, this morning we celebrated with jumping jacks, brotherly chase around the house, and a big glass of orange juice with a tall STRAW (he has been banned from straws/sucking/blowing, all of it). He even got dressed in baseball attire for tonight's baseball game versus Hartford, and is excited because there is a P-A-R-K nearby, another thing we have not been able to enjoy yet.
This past Thursday we were invited to the Capitol Bank event for the Am Fam Children's Hospital, where they celebrated the donation of $50,000 towards their Sick Kids Can't Wait campaign . They highlighted 4 Capitol Bank children, including Manny, and showed his video (Grandpa Pops sits on the board of Capitol Bank) and the emcee was Manny's original ENT from AFCH, Dr Heatley. The kids got their pic with Nick Toon, so that was fun!
We did receive Manny's hearing aid back from Colorado as well as his new ear canal plugs for his Right Ear (surgery January) to keep his ear canal open until his next surgery in August. They are fancy plugs, clear, crystally and like glass with a long stick. We have also booked his next ENT appt in BD, and Audiology appt at Children's in Milwaukee - both in 2 weeks. No pressure.
I think my last post said I wasn't as exhausted this time....well, I think the next day it hit me like it always does. I spoke too soon. But, after finishing up the boys' birthday week, I've finally regained my energy and now it's time to catch up with the rest of life. Then again, this week consists of work, 3 weekday Varsity baseball games, 3 Eli baseball practices, Manny cardiology appt in Madison, followed by a double header Saturday. Apparenty, the train keeps moving forward even if you get derailed.
Thanks to Ms. Brenda for Manny's awesome Angry Birds package, Eugene Miller for his handmade cross, and for Godmommy Angie and Jason for lighting a candle at the Chapel of Holy Cross in Sedona AZ. Special thoughts out to the little 5 year old girl who was tragically hit by a car and killed on Sunday, a mile from our house.