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January 17th surgery

posted Dec 15, 2011, 3:20 PM by Manny Wilke
We are scheduled for surgery on Manny's inner Right ear (original surgery 4/25/11) to repair the preforated ear drum, fix the stenosis (closing of the canal) and possibly put in a prosthetic stapes bone. If you recall, Manny's stapes was made of cartilage not bone, so it doesn't vibrate as well. In Manny's left ear, he had 3 stapes fused together (you are only supposed to have one). We hope to tackle the left ear later this spring. Dr Roberson does not want to do surgery on both ears at once for risk of infection and additional hearing loss.
With that said, we've booked our airline tickets/hotel and are working on the rest of the coordination efforts. Flights are coming and going out of different airports, different airlines, different times, etc as Nate will fly back after surgery and I will stay with Manny until post-op several days later. Dr Roberson isn't clearing us to fly right after surgery this time (stapes bone needs to stay in place), so Manny and I will attempt to drive 7 hours by ourselves in glorious California from Palo Alto down to Los Angeles, so we can meet up with Dr Lewin for a consult/playdate (!) and see Uncle Derek and Aunt Ashley while mooching a free place to stay! I've had to book a car in Palo Alto, then book another car from a different company in Palo Alto to drive down to Los Angeles, which saves mucho dinero! Planning these trips economically is a full time job!! And then there is the paperwork, insurance, and coordination of the other kiddos. I can't wait to get these items crossed off my list...then tackle the Christmas shopping :) But, we are SO excited to keep this process going and find the light at the end of the tunnel and have Manny hearing and ears fab!
As we approach the holidays, we are ever so grateful that Manny can hear the sounds of Christmas even if it's with his hearing aid for now. The bells jingling, Frosty the Snowman movie (Manny's fav),new toys that make noise, reading a Christmas story at night, and singing with his friends at his pre-school concert. We will never take those sounds for granted.